…..Cena took the microphone away from him. He said that if somebody deserved his face being demolished that was Paul Heyman. Heyman was the scum of this planet, Heyman was a waste of Oxygen. Heyman asked him to let it go, let all his anger go on Heyman and become the vision of Heyman, a Paul Heyman guy. The fans chanted ‘Yes!’

Cena said no and he apologized. He said that he planned all these things because he thought Heyman was going to produce Brock Lesnar and they would fight to show all the people that he was ready for Night of Champions. But there was no beast, it was Paul Heyman, he addressed Heyman as washed up, loud mouth, scum bag ever had been. Heyman did not deserve to be beaten by Cena’s hands.

Cena attempted to leave the ring but Heyman prevented him. Heyman said that Cena was doing the right thing by walking away, if Heyman was his mother he would be very proud of him. Heyman disrespected Cena’s mother. Cena came back and pushed Heyman out of the ring.

Brock Lesnar’s music hit and the WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar came out to the arena. Cena was really happy to see Brock Lesnar and he called Brock Lesnar to come out inside the ring for the fight. Lesnar slowly went towards Paul Heyman. Lesnar did not attempt to go inside the ring and he was slowly moving out of the arena along with his manager Paul Heyman. Cena kept calling Lesnar inside the ring for the fight. Lesnar stood still for a while. But he kept moving out again.

Cena kept calling Lesnar but Lesnar was not stopping. As the fans started chanting John Cena’s name, Lesnar stopped, and moved towards the ring. Lesnar slowly went inside the ring and Cena jumped on Lesnar. The two individuals broke into a fight. Lesnar quickly nailed Cena with a German Suplex. He kicked Cena out of the ring. As Lesnar was about to go out of the ring, Cena came back and took him out of the ring. He kept beating Lesnar, Cena looked to be in control as the security guards came in to prevent them. Lesnar left the arena as the security guards blocked the ring. After Lesnar went out, Cena went inside the ring and celebrated.

Match 6 – Naomi defeated Cameron by submission. The match was a just a part of a Total Divas storyline. Naomi made Cameron tap out with the Headscissors Crucifix Choke.

Match 7 – R Ziggler and WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz and Damien Mizdow. Dolph Ziggler pinned the Miz with the Zig Zag.

Seth Rollins was interviewed backstage. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Randy Orton and Roman Reigns were having a one on one match. Kane and Seth Rollins interfered during the match to help out Randy Orton. Reigns tried to fight all three of them together but he could not. Orton brought the cage that was hanging above their head so Reigns did not get any chance of escape. Reigns took Kane and Rollins out of the ring for a while and he beat down Randy Orton in that time. Rollins and Kane came in shortly and they took Reigns down. The assault ended up with a Curb Stomp from Seth Rollins on a Steel Chair.

After the footage Rollins was asked if he would be able to do the same thing with Roman Reigns tonight. Rollins said that he was not going to take anything away from Roman Reigns since Reigns was one of the most naturally gifted superstars in the history of WWE. But the fact was, Roman Reigns was nothing without Seth Rollins. He said that talking about vicious attacks were a little barbaric, his knuckles were going to get bleed because Reigns’ face would be in front of his knuckles. He mocked the styles of Reigns and laughed on him. He made fun of Reigns. He compared Reigns with a Rhinoceros which was one of the strongest animal of the entire world. But the fact was, it was not enough smart, so as Roman Reigns. He created Roman Reigns, he was responsible for whatever Reigns did in WWE, and tonight he was going to take everything that Reigns had achieved in WWE. Seth Rollins would be the future WWE World Heavyweight champion and he was also the future of WWE, not Roman Reigns.

Match 8 – Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins. It was a good match but not up to the expectations. Roman Reigns pinned Seth Rollins with the Spear.

Next and the main event of the show was Mark Henry’s rally of America. Michael Cole was standing inside the ring. He said that they were going right another chapter in the historic rivalry between United States of America and Russia. He requested the fans to welcome the man who was going to represent America; the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.

Mark Henry came out to the arena and entered the ring. Michael Cole said that Henry had represented America a number of times before. Cole said that it was quite clear that Rusev had absolute disrespect for America, he asked how did it make Henry feel. Henry simply replied that it made him angry. In the 1996 Olympic games, he had to withdraw his spot because of an injury. It was a very sad moment of his life and it still haunted him. But he thanked god for creating the word ‘Second Chance’, and this would be his second chance. This Sunday at Night of Champions he would show the power of America to Lana and Rusev. He promised the fans that he would not let them down.

Cole said that ever since this announcement was made social media had been on fire. People were saying that Henry was a different man and he had fire lit inside of him. However, Lana kept disrespecting United States of America in her tweets. In one of her tweets she said that America had no freedom of speech. She said that the United States of America was made by a bunch of Hypocrites. The United States of America was losing down, the United States of America was crumbling down before the citizens. Mark Henry replied that Lana would not say such things since she never lived in America. If she would have lived in America she would understand what America actually was.

Rusev’s music hit and Rusev came out along with Lana. Lana wanted Mark Henry to shut up. Mark Henry wanted Lana to send Rusev to shut him up. Lana laughed and said that it was comical when they speak of education, whether what they speak were propaganda. She said since America’s intelligence was declining faster than president Obama’s approval rating, Rusev and Lana planned to show some visual things to help them understand. She said that Mark Henry forgot to mention that he competed in the 1992 Olympic games, might be because he failed in that competition.

Lana said that Mark Henry failed in the 1992 Olympic games and Russia prevailed, she laughed out loud after that. She wanted the fans to rise and show respect to Russia’s gold medalist Alexander Kurlovich. It still haunted Mark Henry because he saw the superiority of Russia’s Olympians. This was why he pretended an injury and withdrew from 1996 Olympic games. Deep down under he knew that he was nothing before the Olympians of Russia.

Henry scared to hear the name of Russia just like his president feared to hear the name of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. History would repeat itself at the Night of Champions when Henry would fail to the Super Athlete Rusev.

Mark Henry ignored whatever Lana said and said that he would like to pledge to the American’s flag and he requested everyone to do the same. Before Mark Henry could continue, Rusev interfered and they broke into a fight. Rusev came out stronger in the early part of the fight as he nailed Henry with the Super Kick. He tried to lock the Accolade on Henry but Henry blocked it. He got out of the hold and hit a double handed choke slam on Rusev. Henry took Rusev out of the ring. Henry picked up the American flag and celebrated with it as the show went off air.


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