Chris Jericho came out to the arena. Michael Cole reminded that Chris Jericho won the Slammy Award for the Extreme Moment of the year last week for his suicidal jump on Bray Wyatt from on top of a Steel Cage. Fandango took the Slammy away as Jericho was not present.

Chris Jericho entered the ring and welcomed the fans to ‘Raw is Jericho.’ He said that he was the special guest general manager for the night and he would make the show about the fans. He reminded that he won a Slammy Award last week for the Extreme moment of the year and he thanked the fans for that.

Jericho said that he could not make last night but Fandango accepted his award. He mocked Fandango and said that he wanted his Slammy back. He wanted Fandango to come out to the arena.

Paul Heyman came out to the arena. He said that he was a Jericoholic and he knew what it took to manage Extreme Show so Jericho should let him be the General manager of Raw. He congratulated Jericho for winning the Slammy but he said if anybody deserved a Slammy of anything with a word Extreme that is Heyman. He claimed to be the father of Extreme.

Jericho said that Heyman might have given him a good chance at the Extreme Championship Wrestling but he owed him 200 dollars. He said that he wanted his money back and started pinching Heyman.

Heyman said that he was no wrestler, he was just an advocate and he was there to to advocate on behalf of his client the reigning, defending and Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. He said that he  also wanted to address Seth Rollins later on that night. He said that Seth Rollins had a chance of becoming a true Paul Heyman guy by taking John Cena out of the title equation from Royal Rumble and the WWE World Heavyweight championship and failed in his task.

Seth Rollins came out to the arena. He told Heyman if he had anything to say about him then he should speak on his face. He said that he was screwed twice in two months. First at Survivor Series Sting screwed him from winning the biggest match of his career and next was at TLC when Roman Reigns came out to screw him. He said that John Cena could never beat him without taking help from anyone and he would like to face Cena in a rematch but on that night since he was tired of performing last week.

John Cena came out to the arena. Cena entered the ring and told Rollins that they had a match last night which Rollins lost, so Rollins must not be giving excuses. He said that Rollins still did not learn what it took to be a man. A man did not give excuses for his defeats, a man always picked himself up and prepare himself for fight. Even if that fight was with a beast as he indicated Brock Lesnar.

John Cena said that Rollins gave him a good idea of a rematch with him. He said that Rollins was right, Cena could not beat him without help from someone, because Cena could not make matches. Chris Jericho could since he was the in charge of the show. Jericho made the match official for the night between Cena and Rollins and stipulated it to be a Steel Cage match. He also made a match between himself and Heyman where the stipulation would be decided on the WWE App by the fans.


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