We would not say it was an excellent match but certainly, it got an very good boost for the storyline between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. The beginning of the feud might not be very interesting, I mean it did not start in an interesting way but now it is going quite well. Let us look back at how it all started;

Daniel Bryan picked up a major neck injury on June last year. He was stripped from the WWE World Heavyweight championship and was promised to get a world title shot after his return.

Daniel Bryan made his return at the beginning of 2015 and officially entered his name into the Royal Rumble match. However, he failed to win the Royal Rumble match. After Royal Rumble, Bryan demanded his title shot at WrestleMania which he was promised to be given after his return. Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble so he wanted his place secured at WrestleMania.

Triple H made a match at the Fast Lane pay per view event between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns where the winner would face the WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Now here is details of the match between Big Show and Daniel Bryan;

Who says Daniel Bryan can’t hold his own against a big man? The “Yes!” Man not only fought Big Show on Raw, but he also likely would have beaten him if not for some untimely, if not entirely unforeseen, interference from Roman Reigns. The giant tenderized Bryan with chops to the chest that brought a smile to Reigns’ face at ringside, and The Big Dog repaid Bryan’s distractions from earlier by signing autographs for the “Yes!” Movement right as Bryan snared Show in a sleeper hold.

He did it again when Bryan managed to throw Show over the top rope with a triangle hold, but The Beard got the better of that scenario when he caused Show to accidentally spear Reigns, taking him out of the equation. From there it was relatively clear skies to the Running Knee, only Reigns stormed the ring and Superman Punched Show, ending the bout in a disqualification and handing Bryan the loss.

One would have hoped that clearer heads would prevail, but regrettably, the tension between Bryan and Reigns resurfaced and civility broke down in chaotic fashion. An all-out brawl ensued, and it took every ref in the joint (even the hardcore ones) to keep the two apart, while the crowd chanted for the zebras to “let them fight.” No worries, guys. Six more days and they will.


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