Recap Part 1 – WWE Raw 16th February

Jeet / 17 February 2015

U.S. Champion Rusev confronted John Cena

The show started as John Can came out to the arena. Cena entered the ring and reminded the fans that this week Fast Lane pay per view event would be available for free at WWE Network.

Cena showed the footage of last week where Rusev attacked Cena and beat Cena beat down. Cena said that he might have been crushed by Rusev last week but such a thing would not be happening again, and said no more. Rusev was a super athlete, he was undefeated, but Rusev was not unstoppable. He said that this Sunday at Fast Lane he was going to beat Rusev. To beat Rusev, he would bring the fight to Rusev.

Cena said that he was in the business for twelve years and loved everything that the fans did. He loved when they boo him, he loved when they cheered for him. He guaranteed that he would beat Rusev at Fast Lane. He said that he would win the match with a smile on his face.

Cena reminded that Rusev said that he lost the aggression, Cena said that Rusev would get the aggression at Fast Lane. This Sunday Cena would make history to be first WWE superstar to beat Rusev.

Lana and Rusev came out to the arena. Lana said that Cena did not get it. His problem was not that he was a stupid American, he lived delusional world. But Rusev and she lived in the world, and in the world, Rusev was the super athlete and he was unstoppable. Cena always came back after every beating, but this time, there would be no coming back.

Rusev said that this Sunday, he would beat Cena and everything he stood for. Cena threatened him to save his a** and attacked him straight. The fight went on for a while and Cena beat Rusev down this time. Rusev was badly beaten down.

With all the tumult surrounding the saga of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns lately, the WWE Universe can be forgiven for turning its eye (no pun intended) away from the simmering rivalry of John Cena and Rusev. The 15-time World Champion remedied that within minutes of Raw’s opening on Monday, brawling with The Super Athlete for the second time in as many weeks. The difference was that this time, Cena got the upper hand on the formidable U.S. Champion, tossing him with reckless abandon into the LED screen on the TitanTron and hammering the Russian with 10 punches to the head.

Match 1 – Dean Ambrose def. Luke Harper

Dean Ambrose’s mad quest to get his face on WWE’s “Wall of Champions” has carried him through a current and past Intercontinental Champion, which typically would cement him as No. 1 contender to the prize. Unfortunately, Bad News Barrett’s stinginess when it comes to title opportunities has held The Lunatic Fringe back. The wily Ambrose found a way to keep his dream alive on Raw by defeating another former champion Luke Harper, though.

And the meeting of the two madmen did not disappoint. Ambrose not only withstood Harper’s mauling offense, but he also welcomed it, daring the swamp-dweller to attack him on more than one occasion and turning the pain into fuel to power his retaliation. A superkick and swinging slam from Harper gave way to a ricocheting clothesline that knocked Harper silly, and a Dirty Deeds moments later to the big man guaranteed the 1-2-3.

Match 2 – The New Day def. Gold & Stardust

Even despite the sage words of Dusty Rhodes, it was hard times come again for the sons of “The American Dream” when the efforts of The New Day snapped a tentative truce between Gold & Stardust in half. Part of that loss surely had to do with Xavier Woods, who was fresh in his first match back after a leg injury, alongside Kofi Kingston. But what ultimately decided the bout was a miscommunication between the brothers that left Goldust open to Trouble in Paradise. Stardust didn’t take the miscue lightly. After an initial embrace with his weary brother, Stardust struck when Goldust was at his lowest, planting him into the mat with you-know-who’s old signature maneuver: Cross Rhodes.

Match 3 – Roman Reigns def. Kane via Count-out

Advantage: Roman Reigns? In advance of The Big Dog’s battle with Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane, the two potential No. 1 contenders were set to battle The Authority’s resident giants on Raw. Reigns did his part by knocking off Corporate Kane, though he owes an assist of sorts to Daniel Bryan, who kept instigating “Yes!” chants from the commentary table each time the 2014 Royal Rumble Match winner got his momentum going. Reigns ultimately got the win with a count-out ruling when Kane ate a Spear on the outside at a nine-count. But Bryan’s post-match antics — he set off another barrage of chants to distract from the victory and danced around an irate Reigns in the ring — proved The Big Dog wouldn’t be allowed to rest on his laurels quite so easily.

Match 4 – Paige def. Summer Rae

Paige as a Rosebud?!?!? It happened — believe it. The Diva of Tomorrow was forced to borrow the outfit off one of Adam Rose’s coterie when The Bellas (having clearly taken their cues from The Dudley Boyz) stole her clothes and hid them in an attempt to embarrass Nikki’s No. 1 contender. The joke ended up being on them, as Paige not only beat an incredulous Summer Rae, but also looked good doing it and got twice as many bragging rights. After all, a PTO is that much more demoralizing when Paige is wearing a Lollipop Guild outfit.

Match 5 – Dolph Ziggler def. Seth Rollins via Disqualification

Real talk for a moment, Dolph Ziggler might want to change his mantra. The Showoff has claimed he flaunts what he’s got better than anybody else, every single night, but what he’s really become adept at doing is flustering the flunkies of The Authority at each and every turn. Not only was “Zig Man” the first out of the gate to toss some shade Seth Rollins’ way before tussling with Mr. Money in the Bank, but he also gave the contract holder a run for his cash in the process.

He even got the win, although there were some shenanigans involved when the previously ejected J&J Security interfered to save Rollins after a superkick–Zig Zag combo, getting the match thrown out in the process. Even then, however, Ziggler managed to get the last word with the assistance of Ryback & Erick Rowan, who came to their former teammate’s aid and bum-rushed the corporate trio back to the showers. And that’s where J&J will stay, at least, when Dolph and Rollins clash again on SmackDown with the hired hands banned from ringside.

Ric Flair warned Triple H about the dangers of facing Sting

The COO of WWE Triple H came out to the arena. Footage from last week was shown where Triple H wanted a response from Sting where agreed to confront Triple H at Fast Lane. The footage also showed how Sting interfered during the Authority vs. Team Cena match at Survivor Series and screwed the authority.

Triple H said that he was not scared of Sting, whenever he hear such a thing, he founded it laughable. He said that at Fast Lane, WCW was going to stand inside the same ring with WWE. Sting was going to stand inside the same ring with Triple H.

Ric Flair interrupted Triple H as the Nature Boy came out to the arena. Flair entered the ring and said that he came out here because he respected him and loved him. Triple h said that he could assume why Flair was here, to sing how great Sting was, something he had been doing over the years.

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