WWE Raw 16th February – Ric Flair warned Triple H about the dangers of Sting

Jeet / 17 February 2015

The COO of WWE Triple H came out to the arena. Footage from last week was shown where Triple H wanted a response from Sting where agreed to confront Triple H at Fast Lane. The footage also showed how Sting interfered during the Authority vs. Team Cena match at Survivor Series and screwed the authority.

Triple H said that he was not scared of Sting, whenever he hear such a thing, he founded it laughable. He said that at Fast Lane, WCW was going to stand inside the same ring with WWE. Sting was going to stand inside the same ring with Triple H.

Ric Flair interrupted Triple H as the Nature Boy came out to the arena. Flair entered the ring and said that he came out here because he respected him and loved him. Triple h said that he could assume why Flair was here, to sing how great Sting was, something he had been doing over the years.

Ric Flair told Triple H not to play false with Sting and he did not want him to put himself in a position to fail. Triple H said that he did not want a history lesson from Flair about who Sting was. He knew everything that Sting did in professional wrestling.

Triple H said that Sting was and is WCW. When the ship of WCW sank everybody flew over but Sting stood in the ship and he went down with that, Triple H respected that. But if Sting came out to WWE, he would make it his personal mission to drive him out of WWE. And he would do it because Sting’s legacy was built on Ric Flair’s reputation.

Triple H continued as he said that after a long time Sting was back and he wanted to make it personal with him because Sting was WCW and Triple H was WWE. Ric Flair said that Sting was already getting to him. Flair said that Triple H was not the same anymore because he had a long time off. He was not wrestling anymore, so he should be doing what he was doing now, running the company. He did not want Sting to sneak upon him.

Triple H said that he was no Ric Flair, nobody was. But when it came to kicking Sting’s a**, Ric Flair was no Triple H. Triple H pushed Flair ground and said Sting could not take WWE away from him as there was nothing more important for him than WWE. If someone stood between him and WWE, he would kick his a**. After Fast Lane, Triple h promised that Sting would never show his face again in WWE.

To be The Man, as they say, you have to beat The Man. Sting beat The Man. Beat him a lot, in fact. So much that the original Man Ric Flair (WOO!) made a rare appearance on Raw to offer a word of warning to his former protégé, Triple H, about going face-to-face with the vigilante in six days at WWE Fastlane. The King of Kings, alas, was less than receptive to the wisdom of “The Nature Boy.” The COO shoved his idol to the mat and promised Flair that Sting would be sent back into hiding by the time The Cerebral Assassin was through.


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