Recap Part 1 – WWE Raw 16th March

Jeet / 17 March 2015

Seth Rollins called out Randy Orton

The show started as Seth Rollins was seen standing inside the ring with Kane, Big Show and the J & J security. The fans were chanting Rollins’ name. Rollins said that they might be chanting his name but he knew that they loved what happened last week. He said that called betrayal. There were no other way to describe it and whenever someone got betrayed he had to be ‘somebody.’ And for nobodies like all of the fans, that was called getting screwed over. He claimed to be an important people and he made something out of his life, for him that was betrayal and that was what exactly happened to him courtesy of ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton.

Rollins said that he trusted Randy Orton, he called him a friend, family member and he betrayed him. He said that a lot of people were saying it was exactly what Rollins did to the Shield but he said that it was nothing like what he did to the Shield. What he did to Shield was pure business. It was business decision made to secure his future. What Randy Orton did was so much different.

Rollins said that Randy Orton be fooled everyone including Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He said that he felt disgusted of what happened. Big Show took the mic and the fans booed him thoroughly. Big Show said that he only wanted an apology. He said that he personally thought himself responsible for what happened to him last week. He thought of him as the future and the best damn talent in WWE. What Randy Orton did was cruel, he betrayed their trust but Randy Orton was a slimy no good snake in the grass. Big Show said that no matter what snake they were he crushed under his boot. He was a giant.

Kane apologized to Seth Rollins as well. He said that he would never do it again and he promised Seth that he would deliver pain to Orton for betraying all of them.

Jamie Noble spoke out now. He said when Randy Orton came he did not see a snake but he smelled a rat. Orton put his hands on Noble a several times but that was okay, he did not care about himself, he cared about Seth. He was not only Noble’s boss but his friend. And what Orton did to him was not excusable and it hurt him too. And the one who was really hurt that was Joey Mercury.

Mercury did not say anything as he cried and Big Show hugged him. Rollins said that it did hurt. But Randy Orton’s ego was going to hurt most when this would all be finished. Because years after years Randy Orton thought he could whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted with no consequences. But Randy Orton never messed with anybody like Seth Rollins.

Rollins said that if Orton wanted to challenge him for a match at WrestleMania 31, Rollins accepted. But that was only under one condition, Orton would have to face him on that night in the same ring he was standing.

Randy Orton came out to the arena. Orton stood on the stage and said that he was not the face of the WWE, he was just a guy, just a guy who made Rollins looked like his b*tch last week. And he was also the guy who would beat him up on that night as he accepted his challenge to face him on the main event of Raw on that night. He knew that it would be more like five on one because he knew Seth. But that was okay, he did not fear any member of the authority and if Orton could make it to WrestleMania 31, he was going to end the future of the WWE.

Whether Seth Rollins’ trust of Randy Orton was truly as “shameful” as The Apex Predator insisted is a matter of opinion. After all, family trusts family. But after allowing The Viper into their henhouse and infighting themselves out of the building before he made his move, The Authority opened Raw with egg on their face and revenge on their minds. In a particularly payback-centric mindset was Mr. Money in the Bank, who accepted The Apex Predator’s call for a WrestleMania match to settle their score, provided he also went toe-to-toe against Rollins in the main event of Raw.

Being far more difficult to dupe than his heir apparent, Orton wasn’t exactly fooled by Rollins’ transparency. Knowing full-well he’d have to endure a five-on-one beatdown to punch his ticket to Santa Clara, Calif., Orton accepted Mr. Money in the Bank’s caveat with a warning of his own. When the beating did come, he said, The Authority better finish the job, lest Orton complete his own retribution and destroy Rollins entirely at The Show of Shows.

Divas Champion Nikki Bella def. AJ Lee

Perhaps it’s the mark of a gracious Divas Champion that Nikki Bella made like the hashtag says and gave a Diva a chance on Raw by going one-on-one against AJ Lee. Perhaps it’s the mark of an uphill battle that the three-time titleholder didn’t get the job done against the butterfly-emblazoned title’s current occupier. Nikki took advantage of AJ’s lengthy stay on the injured list to weaken the former champion’s arm about halfway through the contest. The Black Widow was able to rally into the advantage, though, with a triangle choke and a Thesz Press that put Nikki on her heels.

As AJ picked up momentum, however, a spill outside the ring led to a spat between Brie Bella and Paige, accompanying their sister and frenemy at ringside, respectively. AJ took her eyes off a reeling Nikki to tend to Brie, and that gave Nikki the opening she needed to hit AJ with a forearm to the face and a Rack Attack for the win.

Ryback def. The Miz

A lot of Superstars have their sights set on victory in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and Ryback has made it his personal business to dash their hopes in brutal fashion, one after the other. The latest course on The Big Guy’s plate was The Miz, who has pegged himself the pre-emptive victor of the melee despite a series of embarrassing miscues with his personal assistant, Damien Mizdow.

In fact, Miz’s latest attempt to shame his beloved gofer nearly got him knocked out by his fellow former WWE Tag Team Champion when Ryback manhandled Miz to the outside and gave Mizdow a free shot at The Moneymaker. Miz managed to beat Ryback away and convince Mizdow to reconsider, but his diverted focus got him Meathook Clotheslined and then Shell Shocked into the mat all the same. It was Mizdow who ended up with the brunt of The Awesome One’s frustration, taking a Skull-Crushing Finale from the beleaguered A-lister as he attempted to help him off the mat. That’s some questionable management right there.

Rusev and John Cena signed their WrestleMania U.S. Title Match contract

Turns out John Cena’s strong-arming of Rusev into a U.S. Title rematch at WrestleMania wasn’t as ironclad as the Cenation leader originally thought. Seeing as it was Lana who agreed to the bout and not — as Stephanie McMahon decreed — Rusev himself, the bout was more or less null and void before it even happened. All of which would have made for a very short contract signing indeed, had Cena not decided long ago that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. With Lana mysteriously absent and a Russian lawyer the only protection for the champion, Cena was handed an ultimatum by The Hero of the Russian Federation. He’d get the match, provided Rusev was allowed to read his latest anti-American manifesto uninterrupted. It was touch-and-go for a bit there, but John Cena is nothing if not resilient: He took Rusev’s abuse stoically, put pen to paper, and the match was made.


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