The show started as the full WWE roster was seen standing near the entrance stage. Michael Cole revealed that there would be a big announcement. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. Cameras focused on the two championships hanging high over the ring as Stephanie McMahon started things off, she welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw. She said that she called out all the WWE superstars and divas for a meeting because they wanted all of them to know that they care, they expressed their disappointment as they did not have a WWE World Heavyweight champion in the meantime. They announced a battle royal where all the superstars standing in front of the entrance stage would compete to join Randy Orton, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and Bray Wyatt in the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship match. Triple H announced the names of those superstars who would not be competing in the battle royal are; Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and also John Cena. But Cena would have an opportunity to compete in the title match. A couple of weeks ago Stephanie announced a type of title match at Money in the Bank which they could not give because of Daniel Bryan. So they arranged a stretcher match between John Cena and Kane where the winner will enter the Money in the Bank match.

Match 1 – Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler by disqualification. The match was going excellent but Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins during the match and the referee had to call out for the bell. Seth somehow escaped. Dean Ambrose challenged him to come out to the ring to ‘fight like a man’. Triple H appeared on the big screen and he said that he got some bad news for him.

Match 2 – WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett defeated Dean Ambrose by count out. Seth Rollins interfered during the match as Dean started fighting him outside of the ring as he could not come back by referee’s ten count. After the match, Dean attacked Barrett and nailed him with the Dirty Deeds.

Match 3 – WWE United States champions Sheamus defeated Bray Wyatt by disqualification. The match was going tremendous as Luke Harper and Eric Rowan attacked Sheamus when the Celtic Warrior was preparing for the Brogue Kick. The Usos was near the ring, they jumped on the Wyatt Family to help Sheamus. After the duel, Sheamus and the Usos sttod tall in the ring.

Match 4 – Rusev defeated Heath Slater by submission. Very small match, Rusev easily defeated Heath Slater.

Kevin Hart was the special guest of Monday Night Raw was Kevin Hart who joined the commentary box in the meantime.

Match 5 – Adam Rose and Summer Rae defeated Fandango and Layla. Fandango was pinned by Adam Rose after a face first.

Match 6 – Roman Reigns won the nineteen man battle royal to qualify in the WWE World Heavyweight championship Money in the Bank ladder match at the money in the Bank pay per view event.

Details of the Battle Royal –

Number of Entries –

1. Danien Sandow

2. Santino Marella

3. Titus O’ Neil

4. Diego

5. Fandango

6. Rusev

7. Xavier Woods

8. Roman Reigns

9. Sin Cara

10. Jack Swagger

11. Kofi Kingston

12. Ryback

13. Dolph Ziggler

14. Fandango

15. Curtis Axel

16. Rob Van Dam

17. Bad News Barrett

18. Bo Dallas

19. Rob Van Dam

Order of Eliminations –

1. Danien Sandow by Everyone

2. Santino Marella by Titus O’ Neil

3. Diego by Rusev

4. Fernando by Rusev

5. Xavier Woods by Rusev

6. Titus O’ Neil by Roman Reigns

7. Sin Cara by Jack Swagger

8. Jack Swagger by Kofi Kingston

9. Kofi Kingston by Ryback

10. Dolph Ziggler by Ryback

11. Fandango by Roman Reigns

12. Ryback by Roman Reigns

13. Curtis Axel by Roman Reigns

14. Rob Van Dam by Bo Dallas

15. Bad News Barrett by Roman Reigns

16. Big E by Bo Dallas

17. Bo Dallas by Roman Reigns

18. Rusev by Roman Reigns

Match 7 – WWE Divas champion Paige defeated Cameron by Submission. Good performance from Paige as well, Cameron was just like always, totally average. Paige made Cameron submit by the Scorpion Cross Lock.

Match 8 – Goldust and Stardust defeated Rybaxel (Ryback and Curtis Axel). Stardust is no one else but Cody Rhodes. This is the new gimmick of Cody Rhodes and I have got to say that this new gimmick of Cody Rhodes is really great. And the entrance theme of Stardust is quite cool.

Main Event – John Cena defeated Kane in a Stretcher match to qualify for the WWE World Heavyweight championship Money in the Bank Ladder match at Money in the Bank pay per view event. It was a great match. Both John Cena and Kane performed superb. Kane was amazing in this match, this performance of Kane (after his performance at Extreme Rules) was a slap for all his critics. He proved that he was still a main event material even at this age. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton attacked Cena during the match as Dean Ambrose came out to help John Cena, Kane choke slammed Dean Ambrose as Cena capitalized during this. He defeated the Big Red machine. After the match John Cena celebrated as Monday Night Raw went off air.


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