So we have got all the seven competitors who would perform in the Money in the Bank match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship match at Money in the Bank pay per view event by this week on Monday Night Raw. Let us look at all the competitors who are going to enter this match at the event;

First we got Alberto Del Rio who claimed his spot two weeks ago after he defeated Dolph Ziggler. Then Triple H announced the name of the Viper Randy Orton who did not have to compete in any match but got the way through straight into the championship match. WWE United States champion Sheamus was the next superstar to enter the match as he defeated the Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett. The King of Swing Cesaro claimed his spot in the very next qualifying contest against Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam. Then it was Bray Wyatt who claimed his spot after he defeated Dean Ambrose.

This week on Monday Night Raw, we got the final two qualifying matches, John Cena and the Demon Kane battled in a Stretcher match at the main event of the show to earn a spot at the championship match where John Cena defeated Kane and listed his name into the championship match at Money in the Bank.

So who was the last superstar to enter this championship match? A Nineteen man Battle Royal was arranged to determine that. Here is the details of that Battle Royal;

Details of the Battle Royal –

Number of Entries –

1. Danien Sandow

2. Santino Marella

3. Titus O’ Neil

4. Diego

5. Fandango

6. Rusev

7. Xavier Woods

8. Roman Reigns

9. Sin Cara

10. Jack Swagger

11. Kofi Kingston

12. Ryback

13. Dolph Ziggler

14. Fandango

15. Curtis Axel

16. Rob Van Dam

17. Bad News Barrett

18. Bo Dallas

19. Rob Van Dam

Order of Eliminations –

1. Danien Sandow by Everyone

2. Santino Marella by Titus O’ Neil

3. Diego by Rusev

4. Fernando by Rusev

5. Xavier Woods by Rusev

6. Titus O’ Neil by Roman Reigns

7. Sin Cara by Jack Swagger

8. Jack Swagger by Kofi Kingston

9. Kofi Kingston by Ryback

10. Dolph Ziggler by Ryback

11. Fandango by Roman Reigns

12. Ryback by Roman Reigns

13. Curtis Axel by Roman Reigns

14. Rob Van Dam by Bo Dallas

15. Bad News Barrett by Roman Reigns

16. Big E by Bo Dallas

17. Bo Dallas by Roman Reigns

18. Rusev by Roman Reigns

Yes, Roman Reigns won the Battle Royal and qualified for the WWE World Heavyweight championship Money in the Bank ladder match at Money in the Bank pay per view event.


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