Bray Wyatt came out to the arena. All the stories between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose so far were shown. They showed Bray screwed Dean at Hell in a Cell, they also showed Bray attacking and beating down Dean last week on Monday Night Raw.

Wyatt started things off as he said that they had lied to all of them right from the beginning. They tried to convince them that they would make them rich, far more rich than anyone else. They kept trying to convince them that love was the most precious thing they could ever receive. But what they forgot to mention was how everything you loved could be ripped away from him at the drop of a hand.

He continued as he said that as they all knew that the man who had nothing to love, a man that had nothing to lose was the most dangerous man in this world (erm, isn’t he talking like a communist?). He addressed Dean Ambrose as poor. People like Dean Ambrose, every day they made pathetic ways to express themselves to share his love out of everything, not desire, and a man like Ambrose had no choice, day after day he would always be alone.

Wyatt said that he had to get his attention first by any means necessary. But he could promise him one thing from the bottom of his heart, on that day, he came in peace. He said that still felt tormented after the assault he received by his hand. But he must understood that momentary suffering was a gift. Because Wyatt knew the pain that he had endured in his lifetime. A mother who drowned herself in own misery rather than taking care of his baby boy, a father who abandoned him. an entire lifetime of isolation, and he brought this thing up to him because he wanted to see him the salvation that he could offer. It was all real, and it was all his passion, he wanted him to feel it how he could save him. He wanted Dean to embrace them and Wyatt could make all of them go away.

Dean Ambrose appeared on the big screen. Dean said that Bray needed to stop talking now. He could hear him loud and clear, he heard him speaking everything he told and he did not think he could stand it anymore. But he was really trying to see things by his way, Wyatt might not be a bad guy after all. Dean might have to learn something from him seriously. He made some spooky stuffs and disappeared from the big screen. As the lights came on, Dean attacked Bray. Bray somehow avoided the fight and escaped.



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