The show started as The Authority (Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev. Lana and Luke Harper) came out to the arena. Triple H started things off as he reminded that three weeks ago the chairman of WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon came out to the ring and added a stipulation for the match between team Cena and team Authority at Survivor Series, the stipulation being that if the authority lost they would be out of power. There would be no more Raw, no more Smackdown, neither there would be any authority, no more power, period.

He asked if they would like it. He said that the fans would love to see them being regular workers just like themselves. reminded

As the fans chanted ‘yes’ Stephanie McMahon said that she knew how it felt to want. Triple H said that they did not even know what they wish for, they always wanted to be led by someone. They could not see it even if it was close to them. It was really ironic that Vince McMahon came to the ring now and he was a hero. The fans cheered for him, they worshipped him, but years ago, when he was WWE with an iron fist, he was the evil Mr. McMahon.

Triple H said that now it was their role, now it was them who ruled the WWE. They were seen as the evil empire, they could not see what they did for them, they would rather let the inmates run the asylum. The inmates like John Cena, Dolph Ziggler. The last place he could recall where the inmates ran the asylum was called WCW whom they picked up in the auction after the inmates ran the asylum.

Triple H said that the fact was they could not and they would not let the inmates run the WWE. It all came down to one match. At Survivor Series, team Authority, the most dominant and the most distractive team ever resembled captained by the future of WWE Seth Rollins would square off with team Cena, which would be led by John Cena. If they win, everybody would be in benefits, but if they lose, he said they could not afford to lose.

Triple H said that he was glad that WWE Network would be free for the month of November. They could see the greatest victory of the authority for free, and the greatest victory of Triple H ever had too. As the authority won, and the WWE went on and on and on.

Stephanie McMahon said that it would on Sunday, what would be about that night. She said that on that night  in spite of their attempt, to get teamCena on the right page, to get them see what truly best for business, they continued to side with their captain John Cena. Therefore, leaving them no further choice of how to deal with business on that night.

Triple H said that they had no choice, which means on that night, team Cena would be decimated, both figuratively and literally, and at the end of night they would have the biggest contract signing in the history of the WWE. They would see who was left, and who had the guts to sign their name next to John Cena’s.

But who would be signing on behalf of team Authority, they started with their captain Seth Rollins, then they had the world’s strongest man Mark Henry, they had the most twisted and sadistic monster that WWE had ever seen Kane, they had the new United States champion Rusev (funny how Lana responded to this), and the man who personally delivered a decimated Dolph Ziggler tight to their feet last week; Luke Harper. Harper told in the mic that he was a team player. Stephanie McMahon said he indeed was a team player and they were proud to have him on their team and they were proud to have all their members of their team.

She continued as she said that they had a complete team unlike John Cena who had one man down at the moment which brought her to Ryback. She admitted that she thought they got Ryback locked up, they thought Ryback was going to be a member of team Authority. But somehow things did not work up for him.

Ryback interfered the arena. The fans chanted ‘Feed Me More’ to see Ryback. Ryback said that the authority wanted what best for business was, John Cena wanted what best for the WWE Universe would be. Ryback wanted what best for Ryback wanted. Stephanie McMahon said that she understood that and she respected that, and respect was a very important word for her as a McMahon and as a member of team Authority. Last week things went a little high, and they made some decisions for what they might regret. She asked Kane if that was right. Kane said that she regretted for what transpired.

Stephanie said that they all regret what transpired, she told Ryback that he did not have to necessarily believe her, but whether or not he wanted to join a man, who had absolutely no respect for him. Now John Cena mgith play that he did, but she showed a footage which said otherwise. A number of footages from last year was shown where John Cena totally disrespected Ryback.

After the footage, Stephanie McMahon said that the footage did not lie, John Cena spoke for himself. She did not know why John Cena said those things but her guess was that John Cena was jealous of the big guy Ryback. He was jealous of whatever Ryback could do and she thought John Cena down loathed Ryback. Stephanie McMahon asked Ryback if that was someone he was going to battle with, if that was someone he could trust, he had to ask himself. She asked if she wanted the contempt of team Cena or the respect of team Authority.

Ryback said that he only fought for one team that he could count on, and that team was team Ryback. He did not wait after saying that as he left the arena straight. Triple H spoke up now as he said that it was really a wise decision, playing for team Ryback, staying neutral, that would be wise decision for everybody out there. And for those who would fight against the Authority, the decimation for them started from that very time. He said that the newly found member of the team authority would found out the decimation. He would found decimation for a man who was a complete suck up, a show off, a man who spitted on the face of the authority. Triple H called out Dolph Ziggler and said that his time was up and his time was then.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler came out to the arena for the first contest of the night. All the authority members except Luke Harper who was scheduled to be the challenger for Dolph Ziggler, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and the captain of the team authority, Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins. Before the start of the match, Lillian Garcia announced that she was just been informed that this match would now be for the WWE Intercontinental championship.

Match 1 – WWE Intercontinental championship – Luke Harper defeated Dolph Ziggler to become new champion. Luke Harper got the early advantage as Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Seth Rollins attacked Ziggler just before the match, which was a big set back for Ziggler. Still, Ziggler tried his best to keep the title by fighting a fair match, he kept kicking out after every strong moves that Harper hit, finally, Harper pinned Ziggler with the Discuss Clothesline.

Funny backstage segment with The Miz and Damien Mizdow, it was really funny.

Match 2 – Tyson Kidd defeated Adam Rose by submission. Tyson Kidd made Adam Rose submit with Sharpshooter. After the match, Adam Rose once again attempted to attack The Bunny, but this time Bunny dummied the move and escaped. He taunted Adam Rose on the entrance stage.

Bray Wyatt came out to the arena. All the stories between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose so far were shown. They showed Bray screwed Dean at Hell in a Cell, they also showed Bray attacking and beating down Dean last week on Monday Night Raw.

Wyatt started things off as he said that they had lied to all of them right from the beginning. They tried to convince them that they would make them rich, far more rich than anyone else. They kept trying to convince them that love was the most precious thing they could ever receive. But what they forgot to mention was how everything you loved could be ripped away from him at the drop of a hand.

He continued as he said that as they all knew that the man who had nothing to love, a man that had nothing to lose was the most dangerous man in this world (erm, isn’t he talking like a communist?). He addressed Dean Ambrose as poor. People like Dean Ambrose, every day they made pathetic ways to express themselves to share his love out of everything, not desire, and a man like Ambrose had no choice, day after day he would always be alone.

Wyatt said that he had to get his attention first by any means necessary. But he could promise him one thing from the bottom of his heart, on that day, he came in peace. He said that still felt tormented after the assault he received by his hand. But he must understood that momentary suffering was a gift. Because Wyatt knew the pain that he had endured in his lifetime. A mother who drowned herself in own misery rather than taking care of his baby boy, a father who abandoned him. an entire lifetime of isolation, and he brought this thing up to him because he wanted to see him the salvation that he could offer. It was all real, and it was all his passion, he wanted him to feel it how he could save him. He wanted Dean to embrace them and Wyatt could make all of them go away.

Dean Ambrose appeared on the big screen. Dean said that Bray needed to stop talking now. He could hear him loud and clear, he heard him speaking everything he told and he did not think he could stand it anymore. But he was really trying to see things by his way, Wyatt might not be a bad guy after all. Dean might have to learn something from him seriously. He made some spooky stuffs and disappeared from the big screen. As the lights came on, Dean attacked Bray. Bray somehow avoided the fight and escaped…..

….. concluded in the next part

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