….. Match 3 – Ryback defeated Cesaro. It was an excellent match, we did not expect to see such a match between these two athletes, honestly, we did not expect they would let Cesaro wrestle that long against Ryback. Cesaro’s performance was really praiseworthy in this match, he totally dominated Ryback, but Ryback came out with the victory at the end of the day, and it took one Shell Shocked to knock Cesaro out for Ryback. After this match, we seriously rate Cesaro highly, he seriously deserves a big push. Anyday, he is better than Ryback, in spite of being a Swiss, he has manageable mic skill, so we think he should get the big break.

Match 4 – WWE United States champion Rusev defeated Heath Slater by submission. It was an easy victory for Rusev. It was like Heath Slater came in just to get defeated. Rusev made Slater submit with his submission maneuver the Accolade.

The Big Show came out to the arena for the next contest of the night. Stephanie McMahon came out to confront Big Show before Big Show’s opponent came. Stephanie said that she watching the Monday Night War on the WWE Network which was available for free on the month November as mentioned by her husband previously on that night.

She said that she was watching Big Show’s debt, and he built to be Andre the Giant’s son, and she could realize that he had always been in somebody’s shadow. He always wanted to be the guy, the name of people’s lips that would drew the fans into the building. But his problem was he thought it was all up to them. These people did not have that kind of power, they did not decide who the main event was, the authority did.

She said that it was up to him whether he would pander them or he did what he did best. He always listened to the fans for all these years but what he had to do actually was to listen to his boss, and to show him and to demonstrate how the authority could reward him if you decide to step away from team Cena, then they would make him the only active competitor to ever be inducted to the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. He said that it would be a giant honor for the giant.

Stephanie McMahon wanted Big Show to think about it. Big Show looked a little puzzled, looked like he was not being able to decide what to do. Stephanie McMahon looked at Big Show with a confident smile. She asked Big Show again about his opinion. The fans did not want Show to go with the authority. Stephanie told Big Show not to listen to them because he had already gone wrong once by listening to them. Before Big Show could answer Sheamus came out to the arena. Sheamus said that just like Big Show he was proud to be a part of team Cena and he would be proud to make history this Sunday when team Cena would finally drive them out of power, because next week he would like to see them watching the show by buying tickets.

Stephanie laughed and thanked Sheamus for entertaining her and specially for interrupting because they had an issue on office this week. Sheamus had visa problem after returning to USA from the UK tour, in case he might not be able to wrestle at Survivor Series. Stephanie McMahon announced a match between Big Show and Sheamus and the winner would have a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Match 5 – Big Show vs. Mark Henry went to double disqualification. The match was really going well, both looked out as Mark Henry and Rusev attacked them. Mark Henry struck the World’s Strongest Slam through the announce table and Rusev on the other hand knocked out Big Show with the Accolade.

Match 6 – Brie Bella defeated Nikki Bella. Brie Bella came out in the attire of AJ Lee, the real AJ Lee was outside of the ring during the match. Nikki wanted Brie just to get beaten by her hands, Brie was actually receiving the beating, but AJ distracted Nikki during the match, and Brie pinned Nikki with a School Girl Pin. After the match, Nikki attacked Brie, AJ Lee came in and beat down both Bella twins.

Match 7 – The Miz, Damien Mizdow and the WWE Tag Team champions Gold and Stardust defeated The Usos and the Los Matadores in an eight man tag team match. Stardust picked up the victory for his team.

The Authority came out for the official contract signing of the Survivor Series traditional tag team elimination match between Team Authority and Team Cena. Footage from earlier of the night was shown where Dolph Ziggler lost his intercontinental championship to Luke Harper and Big Show & Sheamus destroyed by mark Henry and Rusev.

Triple H said that this Unday at Survivor Series in front of the whole world live on the WWE Network history would be made. Team Cena vs. Team Authority, and the Authority would stand tall, because when it came to WWE, Triple H paused here, did not understand what happened here. Maybe he forgot his line, or maybe it was total kayfabe.

He said that the fans thought they have passion for WWE. John Cena would tell them that he loved the WWE. But the truth was they had no idea what it was like for them. This was the air they breathed, he went forward Stephanie McMahon and said that they could not lose. Stephanie said that they would not lose.

Triple H said that she was right, they would not lose. He addressed all the members of team Cena and told them that it was their last opportunity to back out. Because after Sunday if they did not back out, he threatened them that after Sunday they would wish they would have back out by the time.

Stephanie McMahon said that there was no shame in backing out because sometimes it took more courage to back down from a fight than starting one. Her father challenged her husband and her to become better leaders than all of them, and that was exactly what they did, they put the strongest team in the history of Survivor Series. She guaranteed that this team would destroy team Cena all night long. Stephanie McMahon introduced what left in team Cena.

John Cena came out to the arena. There was no one beside him. He entered the ring in good courage. Triple h mocked Cena and said that he could not see the rest of his team. Cena said that the joke was funny, but these joked would be over this Sunday. He could clearly see fear in their eyes. Everybody would see them lose and they would be out of power.

Stephanie McMahon asked who would beat this team. Sheamus had already been taken to the hospital because of what team Authority did to him, he could not be a part of team Cena anymore. No one was standing by Cena because they valued their careers, they valued their livelihoods, Cena had only one choice left, nobody was going to be on his hopeless crusade. She wanted Cena to wake up.

Cena said that after Sunday they could not advise anyone anything, because at Sunday team Authority would lose. They had their dream team set up. They always claimed that they did what best for business was, but every decision they made was best for themselves. He was going to find his team by any means necessary.

Cena wanted to hear from the fans if they wanted to kick out the authority out of power. Cena went towards the fans and said that he wanted four good team members. He gave hi fives to a couple of fans and said that even if he fought the authority along with these fans he would win because they had passion for it, and their team is a bunch of suck ups and sell outs.

Cena wanted them to give some previews of Survivor Series. The fans could not afford to miss Survivor Series, it was free for the month of November. Cena took a chair and sat on it. Cena said that everyone would fall down to team Cena, Kane would be the first who was a fire breathing monster, now resembled to Drew Carry, followed by Luke Harper, Rusev, Mark Henry and Seth Rollins at the end. He mocked and made fun of every member individually. And after he was done dealing with team authority he would be coming for Triple H. He was about to mention Stephanie McMahon but Stephanie slapped him right into the face.

Cena pulled the table away and said that she better got out of the ring because it was going to get physical now. Cena called the authority for the fight. Dolph Ziggler came out and joined Cena. The Big Show came out next to strength up Cena, next came a surprise man, Eric Rowan who was the newest member of team Cena to replace Sheamus. Everyone was surprised to see Rowan in the ring. Luke Harper was focused who looked more shocked than anyone else. Cena looked really excited to have Eric Rowan by his side. Stephanie McMahon said that it was a big surprise but they were still four, Cena had one man down, if they fight team authority with four members it would be a career suicide so she gave the rest of them one last chance to reconsider. The fans wanted Ryback to join team Cena as they cheered ‘Feed Me More.’ Cesaro came out as the final man to join team Cena.

Cesaro stood beside team Cena, but he quickly changed side as he went towards team authority. Stephanie McMahon guffawed and said that the look on Cena’s face was awesome. Stephanie McMahon could not stop laughing as the rest of the authority members. Stephanie McMahon asked if there were more surprises and she laughed out loud again. Ryback came out and Stphanie McMahon’s laugh disappeared. Ryback parted with team Cena and he did not wait a minute as he attacked team Authority along with the other members of team Cena. A fight between team Cena and team Authority started.

John Cena attempted to hit the AA on Seth Rollins as Triple H came inside the ring as he attacked John Cena by himself. Ryback entered the ring and stood face to face with Triple H. Cena suddenly picked up Triple h and nailed him with AA through the table. The members of team Cena stood tall inside the ring as they raised each other’s hand in victory pose and the authority members were all down as the show went off air.


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