The Big Show came out to the arena for the next contest of the night. Stephanie McMahon came out to confront Big Show before Big Show’s opponent came. Stephanie said that she watching the Monday Night War on the WWE Network which was available for free on the month November as mentioned by her husband previously on that night.

She said that she was watching Big Show’s debt, and he built to be Andre the Giant’s son, and she could realize that he had always been in somebody’s shadow. He always wanted to be the guy, the name of people’s lips that would drew the fans into the building. But his problem was he thought it was all up to them. These people did not have that kind of power, they did not decide who the main event was, the authority did.

She said that it was up to him whether he would pander them or he did what he did best. He always listened to the fans for all these years but what he had to do actually was to listen to his boss, and to show him and to demonstrate how the authority could reward him if you decide to step away from team Cena, then they would make him the only active competitor to ever be inducted to the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. He said that it would be a giant honor for the giant.

Stephanie McMahon wanted Big Show to think about it. Big Show looked a little puzzled, looked like he was not being able to decide what to do. Stephanie McMahon looked at Big Show with a confident smile. She asked Big Show again about his opinion. The fans did not want Show to go with the authority. Stephanie told Big Show not to listen to them because he had already gone wrong once by listening to them. Before Big Show could answer Sheamus came out to the arena. Sheamus said that just like Big Show he was proud to be a part of team Cena and he would be proud to make history this Sunday when team Cena would finally drive them out of power, because next week he would like to see them watching the show by buying tickets.

Stephanie laughed and thanked Sheamus for entertaining her and specially for interrupting because they had an issue on office this week. Sheamus had visa problem after returning to USA from the UK tour, in case he might not be able to wrestle at Survivor Series. Stephanie McMahon announced a match between Big Show and Sheamus and the winner would have a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight championship.



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