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WWE Raw 19/1/2015: Massive segment featuring Brock Lesnar, The Authority, Seth Rollins and John Cena 

Brock Lensar and Paul Heyman entered the ring as the reigning Champion claimed he was ready to fight. He wanted Seth Rollins to come out to the arena yet no one came up. Triple H came out to the arena but didn’t enter the ring. He said that he knew why Lesnar was upset, Rollins embarrassed him last week, Curb Stomped him into the ground. He asked Lesnar would not he be doing the same thing if the opportunity was given. Lesnar was first one who attempted to Suplex Rollins first. So it might be understandable what Seth Rollins did. So they might go out and talk about business.

Lesnar asked if Triple H was here to fix things up or fight. Stephanie McMahon came out along with Kane and the Big Show to the arena. They entered the ring and wanted Lesnar to calm down.

Seth Rollins appeared on the big screen, he addressed Brock Lesnar and said that he was always two steps behind. If Lesnar wanted to fight Rollins, he needed to keep patience because he would get his shot against him right before Rollins would take his title away from him Royal Rumble. Heyman wanted Rollins not to interfere as he said that it would be between the adults. He told Triple H to take Rollins away before Brock Lesnar fixed things up all by himself.

John Cena came out to the arena now. Cena said that everybody knew that they had aleady signed the contract for the match, but this Sunday at Royal Rumble, they were going to settle things up. Cena reminded a long way back when the authority wanted him to join them and Cena said hell no, since then they wanted to get rid of John Cena. That was why they came out every week and tried to put Cena by the wall on his back and forced me to quit. He just wanted to say one single thing to them, keep it up, because every single thing that they said fired him like he was never before and he was going to unload that fire at the Royal Rumble on both Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins.

Cena continued as he said that Triple H and Stephanie McMaon had no fire, they were all about politics. They took out three innocent superstars out of the company, and Cena would do anything to get those guys back. Cena abused Triple H and Stephanie McMahon a little more and attempted to leave the arena as Stephanie McMahon Cena to stay for a while more.

Stephanie said that this might be turning point of John Cena’s career, Cena was the man who overcame all the odds and inspired all the people because he ultimately at the end of the day, that was what John Cena used to be, but that was not what John Cena was today. John Cena was the man who personally lied to each and every one of the fans by bringing the authority back. He could say whatever he wished against them, but the fact of the matter was they were here because of Cena. And it was interesting when Cena used the word ‘Fire’ because Cena was responsible for those three superstars to get fired.

Rollins spoke out from the big screen as he said that Cena was a loser and nobody wanted to cheer for a loser. Cena was a failure, last week Cena failed to bring his friends back when Rollins defeated him single handedly, and at Royal Rumble he was going to fail again. Cena should take his name out of the championship at Royal Rumble.

Cena said that he would tear Rollins’ mouth off his face at Royal Rumble. When he would beat Rollins and Lesnar at Royal Rumble they were going to respect John Cena. Cena gave a proposal, if Cena won at Royal Rumble, authority gave those three athletes their jobs back.

Triple H asked if the fans would like it, as the fans cheered in a positive way, he said the problem was he was given an opportunity to get them their jobs back last week and he failed. But he could be given another opportunity in a different way, tonight Cena was going to have a match, if Cena won those three athletes would be given their jobs back, but if he lost, he would lost his opportunity to be in the Triple Threat match at Royal Rumble. Cena waited for a while and agreed to the deal. Triple H announced that tonight the Universe would decide whom Cena was going to face. The question was if the universe believed in John Cena. The answer had to be given in simple yes or no.

Brock Lesnar is not amused. Suffering a Curb Stomp from your self-proclaimed usurper will certainly do that to you, so it was hard to begrudge The Beast Incarnate his sour mood when he stormed onto Raw and demanded Seth Rollins make good on his SmackDown grandstanding and fight. The Authority was as quick as ever to rally around their standard-bearer, and John Cena’s appearance completed the playing field.

Cena’s rousing rhetoric remained unchanged despite suffering the same indignity as Lesnar last week. The 15-time World Champion repeated his plan to win Lesnar’s WWE World Heavyweight Title and to hold it hostage until Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan were reinstated. His overzealousness may cost him yet, though. The Authority agreed to put Cena in a match that would reinstate the trio if he won, and excise him from the Triple Threat Title Match if he lost … provided the WWE Universe votes for it to happen at all, on the WWE App.

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