Rowdy Roddy Piper came out for the Piper’s Pit. The fans chanted Piper’s name. Piper entered the ring and said that he loved them too. He said that it was the Rowdy Roddy Holiday time and he loved being with the fans.

Piper then talked about his guests of night, the two people who were asked to come out to the arena because they had a special Christmas message for all the Americans. Piper then introduced Lana and the WWE United States champion Rusev.

Lana and the WWE United States champion Rusev came out to the arena. The fans booed them as usual. As they entered the ring Roddy Piper welcomed them in the Piper’s Pit. Lana told Roddy Piper to shut and then she said that Christmas in the United States of America was a joke. This was the only time of the year when the Americans pretended to be good people. They put little fake smiles on their faces to spend their holidays.

She continued as she said that the worst thing was they actually believed that a bloated old man that delivered gifts to their spoilt and ungrateful American children.

Piper interfered her and said it was America where people believed what they wanted to be. Lana laughed on him and showed him the footage from last week’s Friday Night Smackdown where Seth Rollins was scheduled to Ryback. Seth Rollins came out to the arena first for that contest. As Ryback was coming out, Rusev attacked him from behind. Rusev took Ryback out and left Ryback in the state where he could not compete anymore.

After the footage, Rusev took the mic in his hand. He asked Piper if he believed then that he could crush Ryback. The fans started chanting ‘Feed Me More.’ Rusev waited and heard the reaction of the fans, then he asked Piper if he believed then that he could crush Piper.

Piper smiled and said that he was Hot Rod, he was full of Christmas joys. There were no need for them to become angry on him. He was a nice guy so he would like to brought a Christmas gift for them.

Piper introduced Ryback. Ryback came out to the arena. Ryback headed towards the ring as Rusev tried to attack Ryback. Ryback clotheslined and grounded Rusev. Ryback attacked Rusev as he started to beat him up. Ryback brought Rusev inside the ring, Rusev tried to fight back, as he attempted to hit the Super Kick Ryback hold his leg and hit a Spine Buster. As Ryback attempted to hit the knee hook clothesline, Rusev avoided it and escaped from the ring.



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