….. Match 7 – WWE Intercontinental championship – WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Luke Harper to retain. It was an excellent match, both athletes performed incredibly well, the match is worthy being a part of any pay per view event. It appears Dolph Ziggler’s holiday gift is nothing less than a do-over: In his rematch against Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Title, “Zig Man” suffered the same fate — a before-the-bell beating that left him staggered — that befell him the night he lost the illustrious prize to Harper in the first place. The ghosts of Christmas past didn’t quite catch up to Ziggler, who somehow kicked into turbo after a ruthless pasting from Harper that included a face-first slam into the table, a Michinoku Driver and a discus clothesline retaliation to Ziggler’s desperation superkick. When Ziggler finally got his legs under him, though, Harper was completely taken aback. Two superkicks and a Zig Zag toppled the bog monster and earned The Showoff the retention. Is it a Christmas miracle? Debatable. But it’s damn close.We do not know how long this feud would go on, but till now it has been very good for the matches it offered. Luke Harper dominated the match for the most of the period, but at the end, Ziggler stroke two solid super kicks on Luke Harper’s chin, and pinned him with his Zig Zag finishing maneuver.

Rowdy Roddy Piper came out for the Piper’s Pit. The fans chanted Piper’s name. Piper entered the ring and said that he loved them too. He said that it was the Rowdy Roddy Holiday time and he loved being with the fans.

Piper then talked about his guests of night, the two people who were asked to come out to the arena because they had a special Christmas message for all the Americans. Piper then introduced Lana and the WWE United States champion Rusev.

Lana and the WWE United States champion Rusev came out to the arena. The fans booed them as usual. As they entered the ring Roddy Piper welcomed them in the Piper’s Pit. Lana told Roddy Piper to shut and then she said that Christmas in the United States of America was a joke. This was the only time of the year when the Americans pretended to be good people. They put little fake smiles on their faces to spend their holidays.

She continued as she said that the worst thing was they actually believed that a bloated old man that delivered gifts to their spoilt and ungrateful American children.

Piper interfered her and said it was America where people believed what they wanted to be. Lana laughed on him and showed him the footage from last week’s Friday Night Smackdown where Seth Rollins was scheduled to Ryback. Seth Rollins came out to the arena first for that contest. As Ryback was coming out, Rusev attacked him from behind. Rusev took Ryback out and left Ryback in the state where he could not compete anymore.

After the footage, Rusev took the mic in his hand. He asked Piper if he believed then that he could crush Ryback. The fans started chanting ‘Feed Me More.’ Rusev waited and heard the reaction of the fans, then he asked Piper if he believed then that he could crush Piper.

Piper smiled and said that he was Hot Rod, he was full of Christmas joys. There were no need for them to become angry on him. He was a nice guy so he would like to brought a Christmas gift for them.

Piper introduced Ryback. Ryback came out to the arena. Ryback headed towards the ring as Rusev tried to attack Ryback. Ryback clotheslined and grounded Rusev. Ryback attacked Rusev as he started to beat him up. Ryback brought Rusev inside the ring, Rusev tried to fight back, as he attempted to hit the Super Kick Ryback hold his leg and hit a Spine Buster. As Ryback attempted to hit the knee hook clothesline, Rusev avoided it and escaped from the ring.

Match 8 – Six Diva Tag Team Match – Naomi, Emma and Alicia Fox defeated Cameron, Summer Rae and Paige. It was a below average match, none of the performers were too impressive, or, they were not booked for a long and that was all they could offer. It’s a holiday tradition that the Divas get into the Christmas spirit and mix it up in a specially themed match, and 2014 did not disappoint in that regard. Under the banner of a Santa’s Helpers Six Divas Tag Team Match, the Divas helped themselves to a surprisingly aggressive bout given the festive atmosphere, with Paige and Naomi in particular bringing out the heavy hitting as the ladies battled for bragging rights. Alicia Fox was by far the most prepared, however, hooking a game Cameron mid–roll-up and planting her on to the mat to bring one home for St. Nick.Alicia Fox pinned Cameron to earn the victory for her team.

Match 9 – One Half of the WWE Tag Team champions The Miz defeated Jey Uso. Again, Damien Mizdow played his role without even playing the match and impressed the fans. The Miz has a Christmas bounty on his head thanks to Jimmy Uso, who’s had a less-than-enthusiastic response to Miz’s dealings alongside his wife, Naomi. The Awesome One, however, managed to evade the attacks of Jimmy’s brother Jey in singles action on Raw thanks to a bit of well-timed villainy that not even Damien Mizdow could overshadow. While Miz has taken a backseat to his stunt double as far as popularity contests go, he’s got Damien beat in terms of pure, killer instinct: A back-and-forth affair was settled only when Miz rolled up Jey’s roll-up and seized a handful of his trunks to claim the win. Not exactly awesome, but definitely well-played.

Main Event – The Miracle on 34th Street Fight – Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose. It was a superb match, this match is a gem for Monday Night Raw history. The two athletes showed how good they actually are. We do not know if this feud would continue after this (it looked like it would go on for a little while more) but till now it has been very good. The storyline of the feud might not be very strong, but the matches it was filled by, especially the last two make this feud really worthy of time. The stipulation of the match was just a Street Fight, but it was way more than you can expect. There were professional wrestling weapons which really created some jaw dropping moments. The two athletes really put their bodies on the line, they really deserved to be praised. The match was not completely dominated by either side, but comparatively Dean Ambrose was a little better than Bray Wyatt.

Before his Miracle on 34th Street Fight against Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt claimed that safety was an illusion. Despite an ultimate victory, that sentiment, apparently, extended to his own well-being. The Lunatic Fringe came bearing the gift of pain and was not shy about unloading his agonizing variety of stocking stuffers against The Eater of Worlds in the latest chapter of WWE’s most bonkers rivalry in years. While Ambrose was his usual, maniacal self (though he understandably stopped short of weaponizing a TV), positioning Wyatt on a table for a wreath-draped elbow dropped, Wyatt certainly stepped up his own madness in the face of the former U.S. Champion. The Eater of Worlds tossed Ambrose through a table of (cue Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) cookies and hurled him face-first through a pair of Christmas trees.

A thwacking from a candy-striped Kendo stick seemed to jar Ambrose out of his stupor, and he roared back into the advantage with a clothesline that flattened Wyatt to the mat. He followed with a chair-assisted elbow drop that added salt to the wound. It was a face-first trip into Kendo stick wedged into the turnbuckle that spelled Ambrose’s ultimate doom, though The Lunatic Fringe got immediate payback for his loss by finally dropping that elbow on The Eater of Worlds through the table. There was no wreath around his neck, but it was a nice cherry on top.

We think this match should have been won by Dean Ambrose. This was something really bad of WWE, they let John Cena to pick up two victories out of three matches over Bray Wyatt, but nothing for Dean Ambrose at all. Ambrose lost to Seth Rollins back to back, now back to back defeats against Bray Wyatt. This was a very bad decision. Dean Ambrose should have been allowed at least one victory over Bray Wyatt. In this match, they performed really excellent.

Bray Wyatt pinned Dean Ambrose with his Sister Abigail finishing maneuver. After the match, Dean Ambrose attacked Bray Wyatt again. He crushed Wyatt’s body through a table. Wyatt was out cold, Dean Ambrose lied on the broken table smiling as the show went off air.



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