WWE Raw 22th September 2014 – Nikki Bella – Brie Bella segment

Jeet / 23 September 2014

Nikki Bella came out to the arena. The fans booed her. She entered the ring and stared at the fans for a while who had no appreciation for her. She started things off by saying that she knew a lot of people were giving lame excuses after they were defeated at night of Champions, but she had a legitimate one.

She said that she was watching her sister’s interview last night. But then she thought it was her own flesh and blood. So she should use her support before her big match. But then what he did she hear; those toxic, horrible, horrific words which were in her head and those were the words which cost her Divas championship opportunity.

But being fearless, that means one could take their opportunities into their own hands and that was exactly what she was going to do right now. So she wanted Brie Bella to come out in the ring and meet her sister face to face.

Brie Bella came out to the arena. Brie entered and said Nikki that she was doing exactly what she did best; blaming all of them for all of her short comings. Nikki said that she was not because this was not about her defeat. Brie asked what it was all about then. Nikki replied that this about how she never supported her on anything that she had ever done.

Nikki said that it was never about the Bella twins for Brie Bella, it had always been about her; Brie Bella. Brie said that it was her who called her over here and it was her who kept blaming her over and over and over. So she was going to take some action about it.

Nikki Bella asked what she was going to do. She wanted her to tell everybody what she exactly was going to do about it. Nikki said that Brie was an embarrassment. She was an embarrassment to her and she was also an embarrassment to the name Bella. That was why she brought her in the ring tonight. She did not deserve to be called Bella, she deserved to be called Nikki’s trashy sister. Or actually, this was Nikki’s favorite one; a quitter. But she could call her whatever she wanted. Because what she wanted was the Bella name exclusively, she wanted her to give that name to her, because from now on, she wanted to be known as ‘The’ Nikki Bella.

Brie said that Nikki was out of her mind. Then she said that she would never give her name away, it was just as her as much as it was Nikki’s. Nikki said that Brie was married so why did not he take his husband’s name. Nikki then said that she might be disappointed of marrying an ugly troll.

Brie this time slapped Nikki right into the face. As Nikki fell down in the ground, Brie attempted to lock the ‘Yes Lock’ on Nikki. Nikki somehow avoided the move and escaped the ring.


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