The show started as Randy Orton came out to the arena. The fans cheered for Orton really well. Photos from Fast Lane were shown where Randy Orton attacked the authority after their match and nailed all of them down with the RKO.

Orton entered the ring as he started things off by saying that he was not the type of guy to come out to the ring and cut twenty minutes promo but there were something that he needed to get off of his chest. He said that he was out of action for four months. He asked him anyone noticed it, the fans cheered in unison.

He said that he was out of action because of the authority and specifically because of Seth Rollins. Orton showed the footage of four months ago where Seth Rollins defeated Randy Orton in a one on one match. It was a tremendous match, and most importantly, it was a clean victory. Randy Orton dominated the match totally. When he attempted to hit the RKO, Seth Rollins quickly pinned him with the Backslide pin. After the match, ever member of the authority appreciated the effort of Randy Orton by clapping. Orton shook hands with Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Kane respectively.

When he went to towards Seth, Seth tried to soothe Orton. Orton said sorry to Seth and nailed him with the RKO. He took Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Kane out of the ring. He was about to knock out Seth Rollins with the Punt Kick but Triple H prevented him. Triple h tried to soothe him but Orton punched Triple h right into the face too. Kane and the authority members attacked Orton. Orton tried to fight back, but Seth nailed him with the Curb Stomp on the announce table. It busted Orton’s head open. Triple H ordered them to finish Orton off. Seth Rollins mocked Randy Orton’s style and Curb Stomped him on the Steel Step.

After the footage, Orton said that he had playing and watching the footage over and over for last four months which was why he was here right now to tell the authority and the world that he had just been started. Last night, Seth Rollins escaped, but there would be no more hiding nor any escape. Orton called Rollins out.

The authority (Triple H, Kane, Big Show and Stephanie McMahon) came out to the arena. Before Stephanie McMahon started things off Michael Cole reminded that this was the same man that the authority used to address as the face of WWE.

Stephanie McMahon welcomed Randy Orton back. She said that he made one hell of a return at Fast Lane and he made another huge return here tonight. She said that it was the real Randy Orton, the one that sixteen thousand people were cheering for and that was the Randy Orton that she wanted as the face of WWE.

Orton said that he was not a part of the authority anymore and he was not going to forgive Seth Rollins for what he did. He said that he would definitely take his revenge. Stephanie said that she knew and he could forgive Seth Rollins. She said that four months ago he left them no choice. But everyone here was willing to forgive him. She wanted to keep him the past in past and move forward. She wanted him to come back home and join the authority.

Stephanie attempted to shake hands with Orton. Orton denied as he said that he would rather kick some a** than kiss some a**.

Big Show tried to soothe Orton now. The audience totally booed Big Show which frustrated him. He said that he knew Orton was frustrated. He said that he was also frustrated like him, but he had to put his frustrations off for his own good. Orton should be doing the same things too.

Orton said that he had no intentions of selling out. Stephanie told Orton that he was not a good guy, he never did anything to get cheer from the fans, he did what was best for him. So she wanted him to do business. The authority did not wait for Orton’s answer as they left the ring. Orton stopped them and agreed to attend the business meeting.

All jokes aside, Randy Orton’s unexpected return at WWE Fastlane really was — ahem — outta nowhere. But the surprise of seeing Orton back in action and RKO’ing anyone whose name began with a “J” had nothing on Stephanie McMahon’s reaction to the return of the Superstar she ordered to be destroyed the last time he showed his face. She welcomed him right back.

Incredulous as it sounds, McMahon — flanked by Kane, Big Show and Triple H — was more than willing to allow the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion to rejoin The Authority and take his place as The Face of WWE once more. Even more incredulous was Orton’s eventual reaction to the offer: a tentative, if somewhat sinister-sounding, commitment to attend a backstage “business conference” to formally cement his re-induction via a tag-team bout against Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns, with Seth Rollins as his partner.


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