The show started as Sting came out to the arena. The fans went absolutely wild to see Sting. He entered the ring and enjoyed the crowd reaction for a while. Then he said this was what it felt like to kick out Monday Night Raw. He shouted ‘wooooo’ in his vintage style.

Sting said that he had been as the WCW soldier for last fourteen years, he watched Triple H climbed the ladder right here with WWE through manipulation, backstabbing, whatever he had to do to get to where he was now, at the very top. He guessed that Triple H thought that he was unstoppable, like their might not be any kind of consequence. Although he was the last soldier standing of some forgotten war, he was not here to fight for WCW, that would be ridiculous at this point. He was here for one specific reason, and that was to take Triple H down.

Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. She entered the ring and shared her feeling to be in the ring with the Stinger. The last soldier from WCW, she told Sting now he knew how felt to make it up to the big time. He was standing in the middle of a WWE ring, standing with Stephanie McMahon.

Sting told Stephanie that she was also the spoiled little brat who was handed everything in her hand and somehow believed that she earned it. But it was nice for him to meet her. Stephanie said that she could understand why he was lashing out at her defensively, it was because he was intimidated, in WCW he was the big fish of a tiny little pond. But here in WWE he was swimming in the Ocean. She reminded him that she was the daughter of the man who single handedly killed his career when WWE defeated WCW in the Monday Night War.

Stephanie continued as she said that she admired his loyalty. He never thought of leaving WCW, they never even had a phone call during that time. But dogs are kind of loyal too, and at the end of the day, dogs are kind of stupid too. She said that she wanted compare him to dogs but she did not want to insult dogs. She reminded that WCW lost, Sting lost, and this Sunday at WrestleMania he was going lose the match too.

In reply, Sting shouted in his retro style and winked at Stephanie. Stephanie attempted to slap Sting as Sting caught her hand. Triple H came out to the arena. Triple H looked like in a fighting mood. He taunted Sting with the sledge hammer but they never actually fought as Triple h Stephanie McMahon left the arena.
Showtime. Six days before The Road to WrestleMania reaches its conclusion in Santa Clara, Calif., and 14 years to the day WWE purchased WCW, Sting opened Raw for the first time in his career with some more fighting words for his foe at The Show of Shows, Triple H.

The Vigilante’s taunts were not received all that well by Stephanie McMahon, though Stinger’s block of her attempted slap to the face left the heiress as red-faced as The NWO Wolfpack. Where insults to Stephanie McMahon appear, Triple H himself usually follows. The King of Kings was quick out of the gate to defend the honor of his queen, who handed him a sledgehammer when he arrived. The Vigilante was ready to answer with his patented baseball bat, but The Game thought better of battling The Icon on terms other than his own and beat a hasty retreat – the final time he’ll have the luxury of doing so.




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