Stephanie McMahon entered the arena first as the show started. Stephanie McMahon said that as a principal owner of this million dollar company, one thing she could not bear is negligence. She gave the example of Vickie Guerrero could get her boss a simple cup of coffee. She ordered Vickie Guerrero to come out and to face the consequences.

Vickie Guerrero came out and no music hit. Vickie entered the ring and said that she was so glad to see Stephanie doing better. She was really sorry for what happened last week. She said that she knew who put that thing in her coffee last week, and it was Roman Reigns.

She said that her husband and she gave her some specific and simple directions, which was not to allow Roman Reigns to compete in the over the top rope battle royal last week. And now, not only did Roman Reigns compete but he won.

Vickie Guerrero apologized and said that it would not happen again. Stephanie said that she did not deserve a second chance and was about to say ‘you are fired’ but Vickie stopped her and requested for another chance. She said that she would do better this time and she would do anything. She would even beg.

Stephanie ordered Vickie to beg. Vickie begged for her job on her knees. Stephanie ordered her to stand up and said she could not even do that properly. She said that she gave her two options, either she fired her, or Vickie could be the general manager of Smackdown by winning her match tonight against Stephanie McMahon. Fans were really delighted hear it.

Vickie Guerrero said that there was one name in this company that the fans respected more than McMahon and that was Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero accepted Stephanie’s challenge.

Match 1 – Luke Harper defeated one half of the WWE Tag Team champions Jimmy Uso. Not a very good match, Luke Harper pinned Jimmy Uso with the Discus Clothesline finishing manoeuvre. After the match, as the Wyatt Family made their way out Jey Uso called out Luke Harper’s partner Eric Rowan and challenged him in a one on one match. Eric Rowan made his way back to the ring and accepted the challenge.

Match 2 – One half of the WWE Tag Team champions Jey Uso defeated Eric Rowan. Average match, Jey Uso pinned Eric Rowan with the Frog Splash. After the match, Eric Rowan and Luke Harper attacked The Usos and beat them down. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan posed with the tag team championships after the attack.

It had been announced that Daniel Bryan would appear in the Money in the Bank kick off show this Sunday.

Segment of Rusev and Lana, just like every year, nothing special about it

Match 3 – No 1 contender’s match for the WWE Divas championship – Naomi defeated Alicia Fox. WWE Divas champion Paige and Naomi’s partner Cameron was on the commentary box. The match was good, Naomi pinned Alicia Fox with the Inverted DDT. So Paige vs. Naomi at Money in the Bank for the Divas championship, it would be quite interesting to see.

Backstage segment between the United States champion Sheamus and Roman Reigns. Sheamus’ mic skill has really improved by miles.

Match 4 – Bo Dallas defeated Titus O’ Neil. Bo Dallas pinned Titus O’ Neil with the Running Bull Dog. You know, I have started to like the annoying personality.

The game Triple H entered the arena. He said that this Sunday at the Money in the Bank pay per view event, there would not only be a WWE World Heavyweight championship Money in the Bank ladder match, but there also be a traditional Money in the Bank contract ladder match.

The first entrant of that ladder match had already been declared at the past Wednesday when Triple H gave an interview to Michael Cole on Triple H said that he was here to announce the rest of the competitors for the match and he said that his list would not be based on his favourites, it would be best on what best for business was.

The second competitor after Seth Rollins was the former United States champion Kofi Kingston, up next was a former Money in the Bank match winner who cashed in his contract successfully to earn a World Heavyweight championship reign, Jack Swagger, up next was someone whom the fans thought he did not appreciate talent of, Dolph Ziggler, up next, is another former Money in the Bank winner Rob van Dam, up next is the WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett.

Among all these men, Triple H believed that was going to win the match was Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins came out to the arena. He said that this Sunday he would climb the ladder and get the contract.

Rob Van Dam interfered and challenged She Rollins in a match. Triple H made it official.

Match 5 – Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam by disqualification. Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins during the match. As Seth escaped, Dean threatened to include in the Money in the Bank match else he would ruin the pay per view.

Backstage Triple H included Dean Ambrose into the Money in the Bank contract ladder match.

Match 6 – WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler. Superb match, Barrett pinned Ziggler with the Bull Hammer.

Vickie Guerrero entered the arena for her match. Stephanie McMahon entered with a microphone in her hand. She said that their match would take place outside of the ring, and she pointed to a round shaped thing where the one of the two went first, would lose the match. Stephanie brought Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Layla and ordered them to get her. They dragged Vickie towards that mud hole. But Vickie turned on them and put them into it one by one. Vickie started to celebrate and Stephanie pushed her onto the mud hole. Stephanie grabbed the mic and fired Vickie. Vickie came out of the ring and pushed Stephanie into the mud hole. The music of Eddie Guerrero hit and Vickie waved good bye to the fans, the moment was really emotional.

Match 7 – Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston by submission. Swagger made Kofi submit by the Patriot Lock.

Match 8 – Big E defeated Damien Sandow. Big E pinned Damien Sandow with the Big Ending. After the match, Rusev assaulted Big E.

Main Event – John Cena, Roman Reigns and Sheamus defeated Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Sheamus pinned Cesaro with the Brogue Kick for the victory. As Sheamus started to celebrate, Kane interfered and knocked out Roman Reigns first. He entered ring and kicked Del Rio right into the face then choke slammed Sheamus. Cena tried to fight him but knocked Cena down too. He dragged Del Rio down and choke slammed him, followed by a choke slam to John Cena. Triple H entered the arena and announced Kane as the 8th competitor of the Money in the Ladder match for the title. Kane hit his pyro and Roman Reigns speared Kane. Triple H and Roman Reigns looked at each other as Monday night Raw went off air.



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