The Big Show came out to the arena. The fans booed him. Big Show entered the ring and said that people were acting like he had committed a horrible crime and like he was a bad guy. But that was the farthest thing from the truth, he was not a bad guy and he was a human being, human being who made a mistakes. Everybody made mistakes in some points of their lives.

Big Show requested the fans not to misunderstand him for what happened. He despised the authority. Last year they took his job, they took his house, they forced him to do horrible things to people he cared about, people he respected, people like Daniel Bryan. Physically he was strong, but he had a medical condition that made him so large and powerful. But on the inside he was just like each and every one of the fans. He had feelings, he had fears, he had a family to provide for just like so many of the fans.

Last night at Survivor Series when he saw Dolph Ziggler was unconscious, John Cena could barely get to his feet, and on the other side there were three fresh and hungry guys, he thought for a moment that his team would lose. He requested the fans to understand his situation and forgive him.

The fans kept booing him, Big Show tried to convince them that he was a good person, but they did not listen to him. He was scared that he might lose his job if his team failed to win. He said that he put his body on the line for last twenty years, but they were sounding like mulligan. He wanted the fans to forget everything, he wanted a new start, he wanted the fans pretend that it never happened.

The fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out.’ Big Show now got quite angry, he said that the fans had no right to judge him on the decisions he made. The fans had nothing on the line, they would never understand his position. He said that he heard whispers of people that Big Show was a traitor. He was not a traitor, he was the Big Show, and he deserved respect. He heard ‘cowards’ whispering on the locker room calling Big Show a traitor. He said if anybody had to say anything to him, he wanted them say it on his face.

Eric Rowan came out to the arena. Big Show mocked Rowan and said if John Cena came out to confront Show it would have been okay, what Eric Rowan would have to say. Rowan took the mic from Big Show’s hand and said that he did not like bully and he attacked Big Show straight. He grounded Big Show with a spin kick. Big Show escaped the ring and avoided the fight.



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