Daniel Bryan went back to the ring after dealing with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He said that it felt really good to be back to WWE. He said that he did not know about the fans but kicking the authority out of the ring felt him really good. He asked what about team authority, the fans might not know this but on that night Daniel Bryan was put in charge running Monday Night Raw. He knew the fact that Triple H was convinced that people like Bryan is not capable of running the show. But as the man in charge he would want team authority to come out before the fans, just because they lost last night did not mean they were bad people.

Team Authority; Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came out to the arena. Bryan told them that he was not a spikeful man, they were not going to strip anyone of them from their titles, they were not going to put them in any unfair match, he was a fair man, and he would prove it, he was going to start with Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins. He told Seth that he was used to compete in handicap matches. The authority always put you in three on two or four on two matches all the time, so there should not be any difference on that night. On that night, he was going to team him up with two other WWE superstars to wrestle the team of John Cena and the man who single handedly defeated the Authority last night, Dolph Ziggler. He knew that Cena and Dolph were always up for challenges, and like he said, this was going to be a three on two handicap match, something in they were used to.

Seth Rollins interrupted him, he said that big picture wise he was still the future of WWE. There was nothing he could do about that. But he was curious about what the deal was. Who would Bryan team him up with, was it Hornswoogle and El Torito, or would be JBL and Michael Cole. He asked who would it be?

Daniel Bryan said that actually he was not teaming up with anybody, it would be the WWE Universe who would. The WWE Universe would be choosing his tag team partners on the WWE app and Bryan was going to give him some real good choices. Team A; Mark Henry and Luke Harper, it would be quite a strong team. Team B; Mark Henry and Kane, another strong team, Daniel Bryan said that he did not want to be unfair. And the third team that he could possibly team up with, he wanted Rollins to move a little side. Rollins moved, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury were standing behind. Bryan said that team C to be Seth Rollins’ tag team partners would be; Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.

Seth Rollins interrupted Bryan and said that they were just security, he could not put them as options. Bryan said that life was not easy and the show must go on, so he wanted Bryan to step aside. Rollins was frustrated, he left the ring and he took Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.

Daniel Bryan headed to Kane next, whom he addressed as his good old friend, his long time buddy. He said when he saw Kane as the director of operations, it seemed like he was gone off the path. Since Bryan was in charge, he would not have that job anymore. But he wanted to be fair, he asked the fans if Kane should be the Director of Operations. The fans chanted ‘No.’ Bryan said that he was not going let Kane be jobless, but he was no longer going to be Director of Operations. His title would be the Director of Food and Beverage, and it stead of being Corporate Kane he would now be Concessions Kane. He wanted a tray and a hairnet to be brought out for Kane. Kane was handed a tray of Popcorn. He wanted to Kane to sell them to the fans.

As Kane left, Bryan moved on to the United States champion, Rusev. Bryan said since Rusev is the United States champion, he should be a little more Patriotic. He always came out to the arena and talked about how great Russia was and how horrible it was to be in the United States of America, that all would have to change on that night. He had two options, either he compete for a companywide battle royal for his US championship where he had to compete with every WWE superstar where the winner would be the WWE US champion. If he did not like it, he had come out to the ring with a big United States of America flag on the back ground, and he had to recite to everybody; to pledge of the ligancy of USA. Rusev and Lana left in frustration.

Bryan moved on to Luke Harper. Last week he won the Intercontinental championship with the help of Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, but on that night, he had to compete himself. He announced an Intercontinental championship match between Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose.

At the end, Bryan moved on to the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, he put Henry in a match against the man whom Henry defeated two years’ ago at WrestleMania. Bryan announced that match would be next.


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