WWE Raw 25/8/14 – Brie Bella – Nikki Bella segment

Jeet / 27 August 2014

The segment between Brie Bella and Nikki Bella was named this segment as the ‘Family Reconciliation’. Jerry Lawler was in the ring who welcomed the fans into the segment. He said that the betrayal of Nikki Bella was one of the most shocking moments of Summerslam when she cost her own twin sister Brie her match against one of the principal owners of WWE Stephanie McMahon. He showed the footage of last week where Nikki explained her action. As Brie came out to talk to her and she slapped her right into the face.

After the footage, Jerry Lawler said that nobody liked to see a family collapsing. So he wished this segment might be the first step towards getting the Bella wins together. He welcomed Nikki Bella first, as she entered the ring, Jerry Lawler told Nikki Bella that they would hopefully be able to settle things down. Jerry Lawler introduced Brie Bella next. Nikki mocked Brie when she entered the ring. She mocked about the entrance music which used by both at the same time.

Brie said that Nikki could keep this entrance music if she wished. Lawler reminded them that it was not about the entrance music. Brie said it indeed was not about the entrance music, it was about the person she trusted more than anyone in the world backstabbing her. She said that she loved her friends, she loved her husband. But Nikki and Brie were together since they were not even borne.

Brie said that she could understand that Nikki was hurt. But she did not realize when it happened, she said that she was being mistreated by Stephanie McMahon. But if she still thought in that way, she was sorry from the bottom of her heart. She wanted her forget WWE, forget Total Divas. She begged sorry.

Nikki said that it was the biggest load of crap she has ever heard. She might be selfish materialistic one and Brie was the innocent beautiful woman who just wanted her family back together. The fans might be stupid enough to believe it but not Nikki. Brie always wanted the spotlights, she always wanted to be loved, she always cared about herself not Nikki. If they were walking together till then, Brie would have done the same thing she always did, holding Nikki back.

Nikki said that she was done with everything, the family drama and the fans. Most importantly, she was so over with Brie and her troll face husband Daniel Bryan. She told the audience that Brie always took everything away from her from the very childhood. When Brie quit she abandoned Nikki, she was put in three on one and four on one handicap matches. Twitting on social media was more important for her than her sister.

Brie broke down into tears, Nikki mocked her. Lawler tried to separate them but Nikki shouted at her. She said that she was concerned as she had no sister. She threw the mic away and attacked Nikki. Jerry Lawler tried to separate them as Nikki slapped him and attacked Brie again. Officials had to come out to separate the two. They took Nikki out of the ring. Nikki left the ring and Brie remained inside, crying.


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