WWE Director of Operations Kane came out to the arena. There was a photo of Dean Ambrose inside the ring. Kane said that they were there on that night in the memory of their unstable and lunatic friend Dean Ambrose. It was a night of celebration for the future of WWE, Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins came out to the arena. He entered the ring and shook hands with Kane. He started things off by saying that he was the leader of the most dominant group of WWE The Shield and there was a reason behind he handpicked Dean Ambrose to be a member of the Shield. Pain and fear was never a factor for Dean Ambrose he was courageous fighter. But last week, Rollins had to prove his expense by showing the authority always won.

He showed the footage of last week’s match which according to him was the demise for Dean Ambrose chosen by the fans. They showed the footage of last week’s Falls Count Anywhere match where Seth Rollins defeated his former buddy Dean Ambrose. WWE Director of Operations Kane helped Rollins to pick up this victory.

After the footage Seth Rollins asked the fans if they could imagine the moment of the impact when he crushed Dean Ambrose’s with the Curb Stomp. He said that Dean Ambrose would never be able to get out of the headache he had mentally. He was going to have that headache for the rest of his life.

The casualty of Dean Ambrose’s life had been summed up in two simple words; ‘What If’. What if Dean Ambrose knew his place, what if Dean Ambrose would have recognized Seth Rollins’ superiority, what if Dean Ambrose simply walked away when he had the opportunity. The real tragedy was, Dean Ambrose did not know the answers if those ‘what ifs’, because as far as he was concerned, it was highly likely that they were not going to see Dean Ambrose ever again. Seth Rollins was the one who created the Shield and Seth Rollins was the one who destroyed it.

Roman Reigns’ music was heard and the fans went absolutely crazy. Roman Reigns came out through the crowd. As Reigns came out of the crowd, Kane went towards him and started fighting. Reigns smashed Kane with the steel steps. Reigns went right after Seth Rollins next. They fought inside the ring. Reigns started beating down Rollins. As Reigns was about to hit the Superman Punch Kane dragged Seth Rollins out of the ring. Kane and Rollins escaped as Reigns stood inside the ring.



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