….. She gave another proposal, the winner of Seth Rollins vs. John Cena could be the captain of team authority. They could give him the power that he desperately deserved. He deserved respect. He deserved to be a part of their family.

Cena completely disagreed to her proposal and said that whatever he did was because he loved it, he did not seek anything to gain from the fans. He was a part of the fans and he loved being it. The fans were not there for him. He was there for all of them. Cena said that she was asking to be a sell out.

Stephanie said that she was asking him to ensure his legacy. She was asking him to join the authority and to be a part of something bigger for the rest of his life because when he lost, these people did not care for him, they did not even remember John Cena. But they could help him to make people remember his name. Cena said that he did not want to be remembered as a sell out, so his answer was no.

Triple H came out to the arena and entered the ring. He said to Stephanie that he would not listen to her. He asked Cena how long he had been in the WWE, if the equation was twelve years. It would go harder and harder every single year.

He said that it was all about doing the right thing. Triple H said that he knew Cena was really smart. He said that this kind of conversation might not be matter to him, he might have to prove it to you that he could not stop the future. He told Cena to have it on his way, work against the authority. At Survivor Series, they were going to make an example out of him. They would have team authority, and he asked Cena to feel free to find someone who was ready to stand against the authority, because at Survivor Series, team Authority would face John Cena’s team. Whatever the thing was, Cena could not fight the future, the future would go through him. Whether that would be tonight, or at Survivor Series because they control the future, the authority was the future. Cena accepted it or not, the authority always won.

Match 3 – The Usos defeated The Miz and Damien Mizdow. The match was totally dominated by Miz and Mizdow, but the Usos took out a sudden victory, the Miz was pinned by Jey Uso who pinned him with the small package hold.

Backstage John Cena was seen talking to Dolph Ziggler.

A while later, Kane met Ziggler backstage, Kane said that there was a report going around that Ziggler was seen talking to John Cena. Kane said that as the director of oprations he founded it as an act of aggression against the authority. Kane would like to make all of them scream in pain who showed the act of aggression against the authority, he would like to end that superstar.

Hulk Hogan cut a promo on Susan G. Komen’s honorable progress.

Bo Dallas came out to the arena and issued an open challenge. Ryback came out to accept the challenge.

Match 4 – Ryback defeated Bo Dallas. Looked like Ryback was finally back. He totally dominated Bo. Ryback pinned with his finishing maneuver Shell Shocked.

Footage from early night was shown where Orton interfered the authority’s promo and apologized in a sarcastic tone for interrupting them. He asked Seth on what he said being the self proclaimed future of the WWE. He kept on saying, he loathed his anger on Seth Rollins for curb stomping him last week. Orton suddenly attacked Seth Rollins. The other authority members tried to stop him. Kane hold Seth and Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury prevented Randy Orton. Triple H wanted them to calm down. He ordered Orton to relax and said that he was not doing this on that night. Then he asked Orton to take the night off because it was not the right place for him right now, emotions were too high. Orton suddenly hit RKO on Seth Rollins and left the arena.

Cesaro came out to the arena for the next contest of the night. Dean Ambrose came out as his opponent. He did not go inside the ring. He stood on the announce table with a mic in his hand. He said last night he went straight to hell and he loved every second of it. While fighting Seth Rollins and beating the hell out of him, he founded Bray Wyatt. He said that he did know how or why Bray Wyatt did it and quite frankly, he did not care. He said that in jungle one animal should not mess with the other animal who had sharper claws than him and one did not dare to screw Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose suddenly entered the ring and attacked Cesaro as hit kept hitting him with the mic. Cesaro somehow went out of the ring, Dean Ambrose followed him behind and attacked him again. He used the microphone as a weapon and kept beating Cesaro with it. Cesaro was out cold as he lied on the entrance stage. Dean Ambrose left him and went to the arena.

Dean Ambrose cried hard ‘Where is he? Where is Bray Wyatt?’ He said that he was standing right inside the ring. He wanted Bray Wyatt to come out to the ring so he could kick his a**.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the giant screen. He said that he understood it because he came from it. Every time he looked at him, he could not help but he could see himself. They were both victims of the system that tortured them. This world was not made for them. He wanted Dean to think about it. What would happen to him when he would tell him he was not his brother, and Bray Wyatt was not Dean Ambrose’s friend. Sins of this world he walked on a daily basis, he knew him. He was him (Bray was Dean), he was going to dismantle him. He ended with ‘Follow the Buzzers.’

These promos of Bray Wyatt needed to improve or change a little bit. When Wyatt started things off last year, they seemed quite interesting, but as days passed, it all started seem really monotonous and boring. The best thing they could do was to allow him to cut some straight forward promos. These types of promos do not work all the time. They seem good sometimes, but most of the times, they quite irritating.

Match 5 – Nikki Bella defeated Naomi. Brie Bella accompanied Nikki Bella. Remember, Brie had to be Nikki’s personal assistant for one month according to the stipulation of last night’s match between the two. Nikki Bella pinned Naomi with the Nikki Rack Attack.

Match 6 – WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane in a non-title match. Very good match, after the match, Seth Rollins came out as Kane and Seth Rollins assaulted on Ziggler. John Cena came out for the save and he saved Ziggler.

Main Event – John Cena defeated Seth Rollins by disqualification. Tremendous match up, they should have let this match to end clean. It could surely go to the slammy awards for the one of the best matches of the year. Kane attacked Cena during the match as the referee had to call for the bell. Kane and Seth Rollins started beating up John Cena. Ziggler came out for the help, Jamie Noble and joey Mercury came inside to help the authority. To surprise everyone, the whole locker room came out to fight each other. As everyone kept fighting, Seth Rollins escaped the arena slowly. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to cover Seth Rollins. The fight went outside as only John Cena stood inside the ring. Cena taunted at the authority as the show went off air.


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