With all the stories had been shown still Payback was shown, Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena and started things off by saying that she stood before the fans a humbled woman. Getting arrested was a life altering experience. She was the principal owner of WWE, she represented four generations of McMahons, she represented WWE, a public company, she represented their shareholders, their corporate sponsors, and now they could not look into her eyes without thinking that she was nothing more than a common criminal.

This incident affected her both professionally and personally. When she looked into the eyes of her daughters who could not understand why their mother was arrested and taken to jail. Her children are getting teased at camp, their friends’ parents would not let them come over for play dates with them they were absolutely scarred for life. And her husband was there for her.

Brie Bella came out through the crowd. Brie entered the ring and said that she got enough of all these. She invited her to come out so let them straightly get to the point. Stephanie said that she asked her to come out to the arena because she wanted her to drop all charges. She did not deserve it. Brie said that as far as she was concerned she deserved to go to hell.

Stephanie said that she could understand that she was upset, she admitted that she took advantage of her sister Nikki and she promised that she would not do that again, she would treat Nikki fairly and professionally. She was ready to give Nikki a raise. Brie said that she could accept that as long as she accepted her demands. And it was really simple, she wanted her job back.

Stephanie said that Brie needed to be reasonable here, she was talking about Nikki a raise and one Bella was enough for WWE. Brie said that she would meet her in court then and attempted to leave. Stephanie stopped her and asked if she gave her job back would she drop all charges against her. Brie said that she would. Stephanie said that done deal then.

Stephanie attempted to leave ring as Brie prevented her and said she wanted one more thing. She wanted a match at Summerslam. Stephanie asked which match she wanted, was it for the Divas championship or a Total Divas spectacular. Brie said that that was not the match she wanted, she wanted a match against Stephanie McMahon at Summerslam.

Stephanie tried to convince her by saying that she had not competed in this ring for over ten years. She would anything she wanted, but not a match against her. Brie threatened her not to drop her charges then. Stephanie tried her best to convince her but Brie did not listen.

Stephanie said that she would give her the match at Summerslam. She slapped Brie who was standing on the apron, Brie fell down and Stephanie said that she would make Brie her b*tch at Summerslam.

Brie went inside the ring and attacked Stephanie. Brie Bella straddled Stephanie McMahon and they started fighting each other. Officials (Finlay, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) came out to prevent them from fighting. Triple H also came out to stop them. Finlay, Joey Mercury and Joey Mercury took Stephanie away as Jamie Noble prevented Brie inside the ring.

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