Rusev and Lana came out to the arena. Rusev had the Russian flag in his hand like always. The fans booed them as always. Before Lana could say something, the fans started chanting ‘USA’. Lana and Rusev checked the fan reaction for a while, and Lana started things off. Lana screamed ‘Shut Up’ and then she said something in Russian which was something not easy to understand for us.

Lana finally spoke English as she said that she was going to show something to the pathetic American society which was being represented by the crowd of Chicago; where the show was taking place. They showed a photo on the big screen from last week’s Friday night Smackdown where Rusev was standing tall and Big Show was in the ground. Lana addressed the big Show as such a ‘sore looser’ who showed his ‘true colours’ when he attacked Rusev from the back in the most cowardly way.

The next photo appeared on the big screen where Big Show was hitting the knock out punch on the face of Rusev. She said that the Big Show who was the decorated champion of the fans tried to intimidate an innocent…..

Before Lana could complete her Big Show came out to the arena. Big Show did not go inside the ring, he stood on the entrance stage. The Big Show said that it really good, the way Lana twisted the facts, he saw how it worked for them. He said it showed how good Russia was, and how good Vladimir Putin was, he said believe it or not, it was just a bunch of crap.

The fans cheered the name of ‘USA’. Rusev pointed to the Russian flag which was hanging high above his head. The Big Show and said that they could not handle the truth. The Big Show showed what actually happened, and what actually the truth was.

The video footage on the big screen appeared where an emotional video footage was shown featuring Mark Henry and Big Show. Then Big Show made a promise to mark Henry that he would destroy Rusev. And last week on Smackdown, Big Show actually dominated Rusev, Big Show was closing in on victory before Lana interfered and distracted Big Show. Rusev tried to take the advantage of the situation but Big Show knocked him out with the Knock Out punch.

Big Show attempted to say something but Rusev interfered him. He said that he would destroy the Big Show (oh yes, Rusev actually spoke English). He said that he would break every bone of Big Show’s body. Big Show said that enough of talking, they should fight rather than shouting on the mic. Big Show ran inside the ring but Lana and Rusev left the ring started escaping slowly.

Big Show took off the Russian flag which was hanging high above the ring. Rusev ran inside the ring to fight Big Show but Big Show threw him out of the ring. Rusev and Lana escaped slowly.


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