The show started after the footage from Money in the Bank pay per view event of last Sunday was shown where right superstars battled for one pride. They showed how Roman Reigns almost dominated everyone, Kane and Randy Orton worked together as Kane kept helping Randy Orton. John Cena suddenly came in and nailed both Kane and Randy Orton with the Attitude Adjustment to Kane and Randy Orton and he climbed up the ladder to snatch the title. John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight championship and he earned the championship for the 15th time.

The Authority; Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena as the show started. Stephanie McMahon said that they were actually there to celebrate the success of last night’s Money in the Bank. (The fans loudly chanted ‘Cena sucks’) She said that they started the night with Daniel Bryan, but his recovery would take a little bit longer than everyone hoped which was unfortunate, but they believed in the present not the past and last night Seth Rollins proved his worth when he defeated six other competitors to win the Money in the Bank contract, which virtually guaranteed that he would become the WWE World Heavyweight champion in the future.

Triple H said that he always said that Seth Rollins was the future of WWE. But that was not the only thing that happened last night, because for the first time ever the WWE World Heavyweight championship match was decided in an eight man ladder match. Triple H requested the fans to welcome the brand new WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena.

Stephanie McMahon announced that John Cena would feature the cover art of the latest video game of WWE; WWE 2K15. The cover art of WWE 2K15 was shown; which looked quite cool.

Cena thanked them and said that they were being way too nice way too soon. Because he was there last night at the money in the Bank, when the match ended he saw a different look on the pair of those faces (he mentioned to the faces of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon). He showed image of their facial expression after John Cena won the titles where they were clearly not happy with Cena’s victory.

Triple H said that they had no problem with John Cena featuring on the cover art of WWE 2K15, they were not in any problem with Cena making movies or featuring in the covers of WWE magazines, hell, it did not bother him that he was the champion since he was respectful to them. He could always chose between the easy and the hard way.

Cena said that he would do things he always did in, he would do it by the hard way. Triple H said that he would have been disappointed if Cena would have said anything else, hard way is his choice, so hard way it would be. So at Battle Ground, he would his newly won championship in a fatal 4 way match.

Triple H revealed who would compete against him in that match, between two of them he would have to compete on that night. It would be the Viper Randy Orton and the Big Red machine Kane. But there would be a partner for him on that night against Randy Orton and Kane, his partner would be the 4th man to enter the fatal 4 way match at the next pay per view event Battleground; Roman Reigns. Triple H asked John Cena to enjoy his moment.

As John Cena was making his way out, Triple H said if he survived Battleground’s fatal 4 way match, there’s always a plan B. And Seth Rollins arrived with the Money in the Bank contract. The indication was quite clear.

Match 1 – Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam. Very good match, great way to start things off. Seth Rollins pinned Rob Van Dam with the Curb Stomp finishing maneuver. After the match, Renee Young interviewed Seth, where Seth first said that before introducing him, take his name correctly, it is Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins. He said that people could think that it was his arrogance, but he said when he had a golden ticket in his pocket, such arrogance were common. He said that his would be his year, he could get his title shot anytime, anywhere he wanted. Dean Ambrose appeared on the big screen to interrupt Seth. Dean Ambrose said that Seth did not win last night, in fact his plan A failed miserably. If Kane would not have appeared Dean would have been the winner. He threatened that every time Seth would try to cash in his contract, Dean would stop him from cashing it in.

Rusev and Lana appeared and talked something in Russian. Surely, that was something to insult America. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter appeared. Zeb said that he was sick and tired of hearing they slamming their country week after week. He wanted them stop it and shut up. He said that he could say such things about America because in their country, there was a freedom of speech. But it also meant that he could say what wanted to. He reminded what Lana said, nothing could stop Rusev crush. He said that he knew what could stop him, a real American can stop him. They all said ‘We The People’ together just to show their unity. The fight between Swagger and Rusev could not occur as Lana prevented Rusev and they left the arena.

Match 2 – The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Eric Rowan and Luke Harper) defeated WWE Tag team champions The Usos and the WWE United States champion Sheamus in a six man tag team match. Short but good match, Luke Harper pinned Jey Uso to earn the victory for his team.

Backstage Nikki Bella was interviewed where Stephanie McMahon interrupted and announced a two on one handicap match between Nikki Bella and the Funkadactyls.

‘The Inspirational’ Bo Dallas arrived to the arena. Bo requested the fans for a sixty seconds silence in memory of the two superstars who could not physically and could not compete, Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan. The time started and I did not think if the fans had any intention of remaining silent. After the silence break, Bo said that he was the voice of inspiration for Daniel Bryan last night, and he was also the bigger man. He showed the footage of last night of Money in the Bank where Daniel Bryan was confronted by Bo Dallas. After the footage, he said, ‘Don’t stop Bo-lieving’. Nikki Bella’s entrance music hit and she came out for her match.

Match 3 – The FunkaDactyls (Naomi and Cameron) defeated Nikki Bella in a two on one handicap match. Naomi pinned Nikki Bella for the victory. After the match, Naomi and Cameron stood face to face in a fighting mood. They did not fight though.

Match 4 – Kofi Kingston defeated Cesaro. After the match, Cesaro assaulted Kofi Kingston.

Mr. McMahon’s music hot and the fans were very happy to hear that. But to disappoint them Damien Sandow came out in the attire of Mr. McMahon. And that walking style, Sandow seriously copied it well, even the talking style, he announced a Battle Royal for the vacated WWE Intercontinental championship where Damien Sandow would be a participant. Stephanie McMahon appeared on the big screen and loathed Sandow for doing what he did. She made a match official between Damien Sandow and the Great Khali who was the another participant of that Battle Royal.

Match 5 – The Great Khali defeated Damien Sandow. The match finished as soon as it started. Khali pinned him with Skull Cracker immediately.

A former World champion was rumored to back and it was the time. It was no one else but the Miz. The Miz came out. The Miz said that he is back. And the fans cheered for him. He said that he was out for four months for the shooting of the Marine 4. The directors begged him to stay who said that he was better than WWE and if he stayed on the path of the movies he could become a superstar, he would be the Hollywood’s biggest movie star.

He said that the fans must be asking why he is back. He said that the answer was all of the fans. Hollywood recognized as a star but the WWE Universe took him as a fluke, they took for granted, ‘A guy who main evented WrestleMania only to stop main eventing’. He came back to tell them that they were all wrong. And he would not be living WWE until he feature another main event of WrestleMania.

Chris Jericho’s music suddenly and the fans went absolutely crazy. Jericho entered the ring and Y2J chant started. . The Miz loathed his anger on Jericho to interrupt him during his promo. Before he could finish, Jericho nailed the Miz with Code Breaker which delighted the fans and the Y2J chants began again.

Jericho grabbed the mic and said, ‘Damn that felt good’. He asked the fans if that felt good to them and the fans cheered loudly. He said that he was waiting say this from a long time, he said; ‘Welcome to Raw is Jericho’.

Before he could finish, the Wyatt family appeared and three men were surrounding Jericho. The fans chanted ‘This is Awesome’. Three Wyatt Family members beat down Jericho and it indicated towards a Chris Jericho – Bray Wyatt feud.

Match 6 – Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango. It was more a drama than a match. Summer Rae interfered during the match and kissed Dolph Ziggler. As Summer left the ring, Fandango kept asking why was she doing this. Ziggler took the advantage of the situation and pinned him with the Zig Zag. Layla was standing outside, she did not look so happy.

Match 7 – Goldust and Stardust defeated Rybaxel. Stardust pinned Curtis Axel with the Face First.

WWE Divas champion Paige came out. She grabbed a mic and said that a lot of fans doubted her abilities and said she did not deserve to be the champion. She said that she was there to stay. Before she could finish, AJ Lee’s music hit, and, oh yes, AJ Lee is back!

AJ said that Paige was right, she proved her wrong when she defeated her for the championship. She thought that she was untouchable, but Paige gave her slap of reality she needed. So she thanked her. Paige laughed and said asked if she thought she was stupid. AJ was trying to do exactly what she did the night after WrestleMania. But what mistake AJ committed that night, she would not. Besides, nobody here wanted her to defend her championship on that night.

AJ said how about they let the fans decide it. AJ asked the fans if they wanted to see a championship rematch and the fans said yes. Paige agreed to give AJ a rematch.

Match 8 – AJ Lee defeated Paige to become new Divas champion. Paige dominated AJ and suddenly AJ pinned Paige with the Roll Up pin.

Main event – WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena and Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton and Kane via disqualification. The match was going really well, as Roman Reigns took Randy Orton out of the arena, Kane hit John Cena with the steel step. He took Cena to the ring and delivered a Tomb Stone Pile Driver on John Cena. The fans chanted ‘One More Time’ but Kane and Triple H decided not to beat Cena more.

Triple H called out Seth Rollins, and Seth Rollins came out. He wanted to cash in his contract opportunity. Before the referee could decide what to do, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins. Ambrose took Seth to the crowd and the fight went on.

Triple H and Kane went in for more assault on John Cena. Roman Reigns came out and speared Kane. Triple H stood on the apron as Reigns and Triple H looked at each other. Triple H left the arena as Roman Reigns stood still inside the ring. The show went off air.



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