Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and his manager Paul Heyman came out to the arena. Paul Heyman described Brock Lesnar as ‘The Most Non-PG a** kicker of the PG era.’ He talked about what happened at WrestleMania last night. Brock Lesnar delivered the beating of a lifetime on Roman Reigns, something that no one ever seen before. He beat him badly and suplexed a lot of time right through the canvas.

But Brock Lesnar respected Roman Reigns a little, he believed he had a long way to go. And then came slimy disgusting Seth Rollins who cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and made a triple threat match, he Curb Stomped everyone inside, and scored a pin fall on the challenger, not the champion. He became the most undeserving WWE World Heavyweight champion of anybody’s lifetime. Paul Heyman demanded a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight championship against Seth Rollins. He said that this rematch would not happen at Sumeerslam, neither at next year’s WrestleMania, nor at Extreme Rules and not at Payback either, it would happen tonight.

Stephanie Mcmahon came out to the arena. She said that everybody wanted move too fast after WrestleMania. Nobody wanted to hear her, they kept booing her loudly. She praised Lensar for the last night’s performance. She asked the fans if they wanted to see a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. When the fans agreed she told them not to make her angry else they would not get what they wanted. Stephanie said that Rollins was not in the arena tonight, as soon as he was back, Lesnar would get his rematch.

Oh, he’s mad.

Despite the sunny California skies, a forecast of pain hung over Seth Rollins’ head as Brock Lesnar stormed into San Jose with vengeance on his mind. Thanks to the opportunistic Money in the Bank cash-in by Rollins that robbed The Beast Incarnate of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, Lesnar found himself without his title. And thanks to Rollins’ trip to New York City this morning, Lesnar found himself without a body to destroy — both of which he and Paul Heyman deemed unacceptable.

A round of Eat-Sleep-Promo-Repeat revealed the intentions of The Anomaly and his advocate: Lesnar, who admitted a smidge of respect for Roman Reigns in the process, wanted his rematch and he wanted it now. Stephanie McMahon, emboldened by the lack of Ronda Rouseys in her vicinity, agreed to give Lesnar his title rematch — as soon as Rollins returned from New York and provided he accepted at all. Heyman responded with a spoiler alert: Rollins would suffer a beating, and the WWE World Heavyweight Title would come home.


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