WWE Raw 3/11/14– Randy Orton Given Permission to Face Seth Rollins

Jeet / 04 November 2014

Parking Lot – Mr. McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon segment

Mr. McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were seen talking at the parking lot. Mr. McMahon said that it felt really good to be back in the ring. Triple H said that he was sure it was. Mr. McMahon said that he knew that he could count on them too. Triple H said that nothing surprised him anymore. Stephanie McMahon said that they had things under control.

Office Room – Triple and Stephanie McMahon segment

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were talking about the shocking announcement of McMahon. Triple H took out his cell phone and told that he was calling Randy Orton. Stephanie McMahon said that Orton disrespected the authority last week. He hit Seth Rollins who would be the captain of team Authority. Triple H said that Orton’s involvement would make their team famous, and most importantly, it would be best for business. So they would definitely need Orton in their team to make sure their victory.

Office Room – Triple H, Randy Orton and Stephanie McMahon segment

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were talking where Stephanie McMahon said that they could not trust Randy Orton. Randy Orton interfered and said that he did not try to make any kind of segment. He wanted Seth Rollins on that night. Stephanie McMahon said that they could not do it since Seth Rollins was the co captain of team Authority. Randy Orton said that it was the lamest thing he ever heard. He might not join team Authority if he did not get what he wanted. He might join team Cena. Triple h said that he needed Orton, at the same time, he needed Seth Rollins too. They could not afford to lose this match, they had to win this match anyhow. He wanted Orton to bury the hatchet by the end of the night by patting each other’s back.

Office Room – Triple H, Kane and Stephanie McMahon segment

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane kept a close look on Mark Henry. Stephanie said that they wanted the aggression on their team so might need Mark Henry in their team. Triple H asked Kane to confront Mark Henry and ask if he was interested to be in their team. As Kane left, Stephanie said with Seth Rollins, Kane, Randy Orton and Mark Henry their team looked totally unbeatable. They just needed one more man. Triple H said that was as long as Randy Orton and Seth Rollins co existed.

Backstage area – Rusev, Lana and Stephanie McMahon segment

Stephanie McMahon met Lana and Rusev. Stephanie McMahon told that Rusev could not be pinned yet and he was an excellent athlete, so she wanted Rusev to be in the team of Authority. Stephanie said that they awarded Rusev an opportunity for the United States championship. There was a saying in America, ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’. Lana replied as she said that they would consider this proposal and they talk about it. She reminded another American and said; ‘We will get back to you.’


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