The show started as the footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where The show started as the Authority (Triple HStephanie McMahonKane) was seen standing inside the arena. Stephanie McMahon welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw.  She said that she knew that the fans were happy to see the authority’s presence. The fans booed to hear this. She said who missed Hell in a Cell pay per view last night, they missed one hell of a show, and those who watched it on WWE Network they got way more than the Money they spent. The two Hell in a Cell matches were all over the price submission.

Triple H then expressed his sorrow for Randy Orton who lost against John Cena at Hell in a Cell pay per view event and referred their match as an ‘epic’ Hell in a Cell’ match. Then he talked about Seth Rollins who defeated Dean Ambrose at Hell in a Cell pay per view event inside Hell in a Cell, he addressed Seth Rollins as the future of WWE. Triple H introduced Seth Rollins and requested the fans to welcome him.

Seth Rollins said that finally the Lunatic Fringe is out of his path once and for all. He said that last night he proved that Dean Ambrose was nothing in front of him, they had an epic battle but the better man won. He said now he was done with Dean Ambrose, he could now see on his horizon the man who defeated Randy Orton last night. He said that he was moving on to John Cena. The fans booed to hear John Cena’s name. ‘Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks’ chant started.

Seth Rollins mocked the fans ‘blah, blah, blah.’ Then he said that later on that night, he would be able to see John Cena, as he mocked Cena’s ‘You can’t see me’ style. He said that everyone in the arena would be able to see John Cena just like he left Dean Ambrose last night at Hell in a Cell.

Seth Rollins was about to leave as Randy Orton came out to the arena. Orton entered the ring and apologized in a sarcastic tone for interrupting them. He asked Seth on what he said being the self proclaimed future of the WWE. He kept on saying, he loathed his anger on Seth Rollins for curb stomping him last week. My god he showed some crazy mic skill. Didn’t know if he was capable of that much!

Orton suddenly attacked Seth Rollins. The other authority members tried to stop him. Kane hold Seth and Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury prevented Randy Orton. Triple H wanted them to calm down. He ordered Orton to relax and said that he was not doing this on that night. Then he asked Orton to take the night off because it was not the right place for him right now, emotions were too high. Orton suddenly hit RKO on Seth Rollins and left the arena. Triple H looked really frustrated. They picked Seth who looked really hurt. They left the arena.

Seth and John Cena faced each other later on the night. Kane attacked Cena during the match as the referee had to call for the bell. Kane and Seth Rollins started beating up John Cena. Dolph Ziggler came out for the help, Jamie Noble and joey Mercury came inside to help the authority. To surprise everyone, the whole locker room came out to fight each other. As everyone kept fighting, Seth Rollins escaped the arena slowly. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to cover Seth Rollins. The fight went outside as only John Cena stood inside the ring. Cena taunted at the authority as the show went off air.

Mr. McMahon was back to WWE. Mr. McMahon came out to the arena along with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The fans were really happy to see Mr. McMahon back in the show, the cheered really hard for the chairman of WWE. Mr. McMahon welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw. He asked the fans if they have missed him, the fans cheered really hard in appreciation. Mr. McMahon said that he thought that things were really well handled by her daughter Stephanie McMahon and son in law Triple H who were the authority but the fans booed them. Mr. McMahon said that it seemed like they were a little under appreciated.

Mr. McMahon talked about WWE Network as he said that those who have subscribed to WWE had an extra ordinary experience for only $9.99, he told that those who had not subscribed yet, they could have everything for free in the month of November which Mr. McMahon announced last week on Friday.

Mr. McMahon continued as he said that Survivor Series would be free. The second longest pay per view in the history could be watched for free, which meant the traditional Survivor Series elimination match between team John Cena and team Authority could be watched for free. He told the fans as the pay per view was free, let them raise things up. He said that he wanted the next generation to feel what he felt. He wanted them to feel true power, power that one could earn. He talked about how he captured WCW, that was power as he exampled. He beat them all, letting all on the line, but he was able to beat them at the end. He told the fans the they knew the rest of the story, they actually how he captured WCW.

Mr. McMahon said that he wanted to make things better, and things a little more attractive for the fans. He wanted to make Survivor Series main event which was the traditional Survivor Series elimination match a little more interesting. He proposed a new idea, which was team John Cena vs. team Authority would definitely be the main event of the show as Triple H announced last week on Monday Night Raw. But if the team Authority got defeated by the team of John Cena; then the current authority would no longer be the authority. The fans cheered really loud to hear this announcement. The smiles from the faces of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were vanished after hearing the announcement. They made their way out of the arena as Dean Ambrose came out for the first contest of the night.

Backstage Mr. McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were seen talking at the parking lot. Mr. McMahon said that it felt really good to be back in the ring. Triple H said that he was sure it was. Mr. McMahon said that he knew that he could count on them too. Triple H said that nothing surprised him anymore. Stephanie McMahon said that they had things under control.

Match 1 – Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro. It was a very good match, I would say, it was a great way to start things off. Dean Ambrose pinned Cesaro with his finishing maneuver Dirty Deeds. Bray Wyatt was in the arena during the match. He was present during the match sitting on a Rocking chair. After the match, Dean Ambrose taunted Bray Wyatt. Suddenly, the lights went off. When they were back, Bray Wyatt had been disappeared.

Backstage Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were talking about the shocking announcement of McMahon. Triple H took out his cell phone and told that he was calling Randy Orton. Stephanie McMahon said that Orton disrespected the authority last week. He hit Seth Rollins who would be the captain of team Authority. Triple H said that Orton’s involvement would make their team famous, and most importantly, it would be best for business. So they would definitely need Orton in their team to make sure their victory.

Match 2 – The Miz defeated Jimmy Uso. Once again, things were more interesting because of Damien Mizdow. He did what he did best, the stunt double of The Miz as they said. The best thing of the match was, when Mizdow tried to distract Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso super kicked Mizdow and the fans booed very hard. Fans really loved Mizdow, they hated it when somebody hit him. Miz took the advantage as he pinned Jimmy Uso with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Match 3 – Tyson Kidd defeated WWE United States Champion Sheamus by count out in a non title match. Sheamus was dominating match, both were in the outside of the ring. When the count was up to eight, Sheamus was about to grab Tyson, Tyson used his wife Natalya as a Shield, Sheamus was halted, Tyson quickly entered the ring and the ten count was up. Tyson won the match by count out. After the match, Sheamus came inside the ring and knocked Tyson Kidd out with the Brogue Kick…..

….. Concluded in the next part


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