WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler came out to the arena for the next contest of the night. In place of Ziggler’s opponent, the Authority (Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Kane, Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) came out to the arena.

Stephanie McMahon spoke out as she said that they were ecstatic about the announcement that she made earlier on that night because they were winners. Unlike most of the people who were afraid to stand up for what they believed in, to fight for their rights, to believe in false idols like John Cena, and by most people he meant all of the fans.

Stephanie said that they were winners and that was why they were going to make the strongest team in the history of Survivor Series under the leadership of Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins and Kane. Triple H whispered in the ears of Stephanie. Stephanie concluded their team with the name of the Viper Randy Orton.

Triple H spoke out now as he said that people thought that the Authority wanted to punish all of those who would stand in favor of the team of John Cena, but it was not right. He said that Ziggler was free to do whatever he wanted. But he would like to ask Ziggler a question; what would happen if he sided with John Cena. He wanted everyone to imagine that Ziggler won, he wanted everyone to imagine team Cena won. He asked Ziggler who he thought was going to get the credit for, would it be him. Triple H confirmed that it would not be him neither anyone else but John Cena.

Triple H now wanted everyone to imagine that team John Cena lost. Cena would then say that his team lost because he had members like Dolph Ziggler in his team. Triple H said that there was not anything about him, everyone he seemed to be ride on to the top, there was something in his way, somebody, no matter how hard he worked. Triple H said that Ziggler worked harder than anyone in the roster, which was a fact. He asked who got the credit for that, it was John Cena. He could not see through the way neither he could pass.

Stephanie McMahon told him that he needed to ask himself too, where John Cena was on that night. Triple H said that he cared so much about himself and he was not even in the arena for Ziggler on that night.

He said that Ziggler might get everything after teaming with Cena, he might become successful, he might become the WWE World Heavyweight champion, he might get girls, money, fame everything he dreamt for. But there were a lot of ‘Maybes’.

Triple H gave Ziggler a proposal. If Ziggler did not join the team of John Cena Triple H would grant him whatever he wished. If he wanted to get all his maybes reality, then he had to make a decision right now. If he told John Cena that the answer was no, all of his uncertainties would be gone. Ziggler would be given by the authority whatever he wished for.

Ziggler went near Triple h said that he wanted Triple h and his buddies out of the power and Authority. Triple H said that it was a pity because he made the wrong decision. Triple H announced that he had to defend his Intercontinental championship right now against Seth Rollins.


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