WWE Raw 4/8/14: Offcial Contract Signing segment between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella

Jeet / 05 August 2014

Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena first along with Triple H followed by Brie Bella along with Nikki Bella.

Triple H said that in two weeks’ time, at the Summerslam pay per view event, which could be watched live on the WWE Network for just $9.99, there would be a historic match between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon. He said that it was his job as the COO of the company to oversee the contract signing. But since Stephanie McMahon was her wife and the mother of his children it was a personal conflict for him so he refused from this proceeding. That was why he asked Michael Cole to step in to officiate the contract signing. He stood before everyone not as the COO, not as the authority, not as the game, but a loving, proud and devoted husband.

Brie Bella expressed her irritation and asked if they could get to this already before they all started throwing up. Stephanie McMahon answered by saying if anybody understood about supportive spouses it was Brie Bella herself. She asked where her husband was right now. Was he still recovering. Brie answered that Daniel Bryan was indeed recovering, but the question was, had Stephanie McMahon recovered from her arrest two weeks ago. The video footage of the incident was shown on the giant screen.

The smile of Stephanie McMahon’s face was gone after seeing the footage. Brie Bella provoked Stephanie and asked what it felt to her. She said that at Summerslam Brie would not only beat her, but she was going to embarrass her, and it would not be in front of just twenty thousand people but in front of the entire WWE universe. She was going to send a message to the whole world that the powerful Stephanie McMahon nothing more than a fraud, a failure, an embarrassment to the McMahon family, and this was not just for her, or for her sister Nikki, or for her husband Daniel, this was for Vickie Guerrero, for the Big Show, for the Rhodes family, and for every other person in their roster that she tortured week after week. The fans broke into CM Punk chant. She told Stephanie one thing about Karma, was that it always came around. And her Karma was about to crashing down on you in the way she could not even imagine. Brie Bella signed the contract.

Stephanie took the pen to sign the contract. She said that all those families and legacies she mentioned would surely be appreciate to be represented by the likes of Brie. She said that she was a fourth generation McMahon. She did not think Brie understood what that meant, Brie was nothing more than a wanna be reality star who abandoned her injured husband, stole the spotlights from sister, just to make a name at Summerslam. She said that Brie needed to look at the mirror where she would see a selfish woman. She mentioned what Brie said that she would embarrass her at Summerslam, she said that she was already embarrassed to stand in front of her and at Summerslam she was going to put an end to her pathetic attempt to make history. Stephanie McMahon signed the contract.

After signing the contract, Stephanie McMahon said that at Summerslam, she was going to tear your heart out and she hit Nikki with the mic. Triple H pushed the table along with Brie with the corner to lock her. Stephanie hit a pedigree on Nikki Bella. Brie slapped hard on the face of Triple h as they mocked the yes chant. Stephanie smashed Brie’s head on the table and hit a Pedigree on Brie too.

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