WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler was seen standing inside the ring. Michael Cole announced that Dolph Ziggler would face The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental championship in two weeks at Night of Champions. Ziggler started things off by saying last week was a very controversial week at Hollywood. A several number of celebrities got their personal devices hacked via cloud, and a lot of sensitive pictures really came out in the limelight.

Dolph Ziggler continued by saying that this type of invasions of privacy was reprehensible, no one, not A listers, not B listers, not even D list celebrities deserved to be disrespected like that. But maybe one D list celebrity and he said that the might know about whom he was talking about; The Miz. Ziggler said that he had some very interesting photos in his hand of the Miz and he thought it would be a crime if he did not show those photos to the fans right now. Ziggler requested the fans to look at the big screen where the exhibition was going to take place.

The first picture of the Miz was shown where Miz was standing in front of bathroom mirror during his facial. Miz was wearing underpants only. His hands were covering something between his two legs. Ziggler said that he did not know what he was covering actually, he said if the fans thought that was weird, they were going to get a little more weird.

The next photo was quite funny as well. The Miz was shaving was his chest in front of the bathroom mirror. Ziggler said that he thought Miz performed waxing but it might have been painful enough having to look at himself in the mirror everyday so he….. (maybe he was about to say something after that, but he forgot his line I think). Ziggler proceeded to the next picture by saying if the fans thought that this picture was bad he had one more picture which was worst among all.

Before Ziggler could show the picture the Miz appeared along with Damien Sandow. Miz said that it was an outrageous invasion on his privacy. He was invading his personal life. Those photos were done for a medical reason and Ziggler would not understand them, so he wanted him to understand something, his people would sue him or anybody among the fans who would try to republic those photos. He promised Ziggler if he proceeded with this any further, he wold make sure that Ziggler would not work in this town again.

Ziggler said if he said that he would never work in this town again, he did not know about it. But he would not hesitate to show the last photo and he pointed to the big screen. The final photo was shown where Miz was standing naked and Sandow was spraying something in Miz’s buttock.

Ziggler kept mocking them. Miz asked Sandow to attack Ziggler. Sandow went inside to attack Ziggler, Ziggler hit a drop kick on Sandow. He tried to get Miz and miz escaped. As Sandow stood up, Ziggler nailed him with the Zig Zag. Miz quickly went inside the ring, but as he saw Ziggler was prepared for him he slid out slowly. Miz escaped slowly and Sandow joined him. Ziggler taunted him with the Intercontinental championship title.



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