WWE Raw 8th September 2014 – Paul Heyman urged John Cena to turn heel

Jeet / 11 September 2014

Paul Heyman was seen standing inside the ring. He started in his usual style. He said that yet though he walked through the valley of Cenation, he feared no thuganomics for he was the advocate of the beast, the conqueror, the reigning, defending undisputed WWE Heavyweight champion of the World Brock Lesnar.

Heyman said that his client had authorized him to come here to disseminate some confidential information and he wanted to deliver this warning as if he were up in the face of the hero of the fans John Cena.

John Cena interfered as his music hit. John Cena came out to the arena. John Cena entered the ring, he took a little time and started. He said that there was nothing to be worried about for Heyman, he just wanted to stretch everyone’s imagination. Heyman wanted to say something on Cena’s face so he was over there in front of him. He wanted Heyman to speak out.

Heyman said that was why he told Brock Lesnar, until Summerslam Cena was the greatest champion of all time. In case a special kind of  man to be confronted by the truth, the truth to be told by the greatest advocate in the WWE and he pointed himself. His client Brock Lesnar thought that he would be in the ring and he was there, so Brock Lesnar authorized Heyman to give Cena some inside information.

Paul Heyman said that it was John Cena’s lucky night because Paul Heyman was going to tell him how to beat Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. Cena smiled and said that he knew how to beat Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions and he had no secret strategy about how to beat Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania and nobody knew where Undertaker was in six months. Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena at Summerslam and Cena said ‘Let’s go Again’. At Night of Champions his strategy would be simple, ‘Never Give Up’. This would be his playbook and he doubted if Brock Lesnar could read it. But he could deliver his massage to him, he said that he would see him at Night of Champions.

Paul Heyman laughed and said if it was him or Cena could not help but be John Cena. He said that was his biggest problem; he lived to be John Cena. He came out to the show just to hear people chanting his name, ‘Let’s go Cena’. But when Brock Lesnar stepped into the ring, Brock Lesnar did not hear anybody but three people; one, the referee who had the power to disqualify him, two, Paul Heyman who strategize his victories, and three, the sufferings of his victims like John Cena suffered from Brock Lesnar’s hands at Summerslam.

But Heyman was there to tell Cena how to beat Brock Lesnar and it was very simple. All he had to do was to give him the temptation. Cena worked his a** off to make these people happy for all these years, but they did not hesitate to chant’ ‘Cena sucks’. Heyman kept chanting Cena sucks as came forward to him in anger. Heyman said that it got to him. He had to respect it when someone like Heyman said Cena sucks, but what happened when the fans said it. What happened an unemployed ugly big mouth told ‘Cena sucks’. Heyman wanted to him to told them ‘Shut Up’ only once. He wanted him to told the fans to Shut Up right then.

Heyman wanted Cena to show it how much he hated it when fans said ‘Cena Sucks’. Heyman insulted the fans and their hometown for saying ‘Cena Sucks’. Heyman requested Cena to say it only once. He wanted to say him what it actually felt like when they said Cena sucks. He did not have to give his soul to him, he just wanted to him to lose his concept of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. And then when he gave in the hatred deep inside your soul, only then he could be the one who beat the one in 21 – 1 or then he could beat the one of many victims that failed in the hands of the conqueror Brock Lesnar. His client would not mind saying him this, because Heyman was believing him but his client Brock Lesnar said that he just did not have it in him.

Cena went near the apron and looked at the fans. He stood on the apron for a while to look at the fans and he returned to the ring. ‘Let’s go Cena, Cena Sucks’ chant started. Cena heard the chant for a little amount of time and he edged near to Paul Heyman to tell him to Shut Up. He said that he clearly see what he and his client wanted to do, they wanted to wend John Cena at Night of Champions. He wanted him to turn his back to all those people who believed in him, he could not do that.

Cena said that it was easy for Heyman to say this, but not for Cena. Maybe some fans would love to see it, they might say how pleasure it was to see an evil John Cena, and right on the next day, they would say on the interne Cena sucks. Heyman lived in a world where his agenda was ‘Eat, Sleep, Conquer and repeat’. It was a shocking world where only the strong one survived, and even Heyman had the chance to get ahead by stabbing his precious client Brock Lesnar, he would do it with a smile on his face in a second.

Cena said that he was going to tell Heyman something that he never knew, living life with a purpose. Because in his world, the rules were simple; Eat, Sleep, be John Cena and repeat. He was born to be that, he loved to be that and he did not want to change even if he had the options to change. He wanted to be the one for the kid who could end up his home work early and come to watch him along with his dad. He loved being the guy when a child was asked to give one wish and they wanted to do, there answer was they wanted to hang out with John Cena the day Heyman. Cena talked about a ten year old boy who lost one of his foot, and he thanked Cena for giving him strength, Cena wanted to be his guy. That was why all he knew was ‘Eat, Sleep and Be John Cena’.

And people like Heyman wanted him to change just to win a match. He asked Heyman if he strip it away, what would he really win. He said that he was done talking and now he wanted to fight. This was what Heyman wanted to see, Heyman said that he was just an advocate and he could not fight. Cena smiled and said that he did not want the headline John Cena beat down a defenseless Paul Heyman. So he would show him his ability to fight. He gave Heyman a seven days time. He wanted Heyman to bring Brock Lesnar next week on Monday Night Raw. If Brock Lesnar went inside the ring, Cena would join Lesnar inside the ring and would fight him. But if he decided to take a week off, if he decided to continue his vacation, if he decided Heyman to come out and to do his job, then he was going to fight Paul Heyman. Cena wished Paul Heyman a happy week because he was going to see him on next Monday.

Cena threw the microphone away and moved out of the ring. Heyman stood inside ring with a puzzled look in his face. Cena did not wait to see Heyman’s expression and left the arena fast.


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