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WWE Raw 6th October – The Rock returns to confront Rusev and Lana

Rusev and Lana came out to the arena. They were scheduled to respond to Big Show’s action of last week’s Monday Night Raw. They entered the ring and Lana started things off for this epic segment.

Lana said that it was a great day, it was great day because it was the birthday of the most powerful of the world; the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. The fans booed louder than ever.

Lana wanted the fans to stand up on their feet and show respect to the Super Athlete Rusev. She was afraid that no mercy would be shown to the Big Show. The Big Show would be suspended for desecrating the Russian flag. The big Show should be imprisoned just like all the fans. By supporting the Big Show the fans have committed a hateful crime. The fans despised them because they support the superior country ‘mother Russia’.

The fans started chanting ‘USA’. Lana screamed ‘Shut Up’. Lana asked Rusev what would he do when he would face the big Show. Rusev started speaking in Russian, and the fans started chanting ‘What!’

He finally spoke English and said that America had no super power, America was nothing, Big Show was afraid of him. He wanted the Big Show to come out and he would see what would happen. He wanted Big Show to come out so he could crush him. Rusev waited for a while but Big Show did not appear. Rusev said that Big Show was a coward just like all the fans.

To surprise everyone in the arena, the music of the Rock hit and ‘people’s champ’ came out to the arena. The fans went absolutely crazy to see the Rock. The Rock enjoyed the reaction of the crowd for a while and he entered the ring. The fans started chanting ‘Holy Sh*t’. Yep it actually was surprising, a bit too much surprising. Then they chanted ‘this is awesome!’

The Rock finally spoke, he made fun of Rusev and Lana. Okay I am not going to write here what he actually said since it was a little erotic, but it was real fun. The Rock also excited the fans by praising the city. The Rock stopped in his usual manner ‘Finally, the Rock has come back to Brooklyn’.

Lana asked the Rock who he thought he was to interrupt the great Rusev. She said that the Rock needed to shut up. The Rock made fun of Lana (I am sorry I can’t say this either). Rusev came forward and addressed Rock as ‘American piece of garbage’. He warned the Rock, if he did not leave, Rusev would crush him. The Rock said that there was a reason behind anyone could not beat him till now, he was bigger and stronger than his previous opponents. He told that the fans did not boo them because they support Russia, but they boo them because they were both world class ‘A’-holes (if you know what the Rock meant).

The conversation ended up with a fight. The Rock attacked Rusev straight. The Rock punched Rusev out of the ring. The Rock ended up with ‘If you smeeeeell what the Rock is coockin’. The Rock celebrated inside the ring as Rusev and Lana left the arena slowly.