Lana and WWE United States champion Rusev came out to the arena. Lana said that Rusev was proud to face John Cena at Fast lane and Cena should be proud to face the super athlete Rusev too. Lana said that Cena had achieved a lot of things in WWE. They showed a video on the big screen as a tribute of John Cena’s career. The footage was more like an embarrassment for Cena since it showed how Cena got punished in his career.

After the footage, Lana said that thirteen years was a long time, and Cena deserved to be praised going so long. Cena looked strong but inside he was vulnerable. Rusev spoke out now as he said that John Cena was no longer the man he used to be. He claimed himself to be a hero. He said Cena’s fighting spirit was dead, he was weak and nothing. As Fast Lane, Rusev would break Cena’s body and would crush his spirit.

John Cena came out to the arena. Cena stood on the stage and said Rusev was talking like he had already won the match at Fast Lane. He wanted to fight Cena because he wanted to show that he was superior. Cena wanted Rusev to shut up. He said that Rusev was a bully to himself and he was full of crap.

Cena said that he had to go through a lot of things in his career. But every single time he was knocked out, he got back up, Cena that at Fast Lane he would beat Rusev down and would show him his real worth. The conversation ended up in a fight in which Rusev beat down John Cena.

It’s unlikely that anybody thought Rusev’s tribute to John Cena was going to be genuine. That said, even the most cynical among the WWE Universe likely didn’t expect the degree the quickness with which things escalated between The Super Athlete and the No. 1 contender for his U.S. Title. The Russians’ tribute to Cena was appropriately demeaning (really just a highlight reel of the Cenation leader’s most debilitating injuries).

The implication, of course, being that 13 years of battle has left Cena a shell of his former self. When Cena emerged to toss verbal barbs Rusev’s way in response, The Hero of the Russian Federation sprang into action, thumbing Cena in his inflamed eye and ramming him face-first into the TitanTron’s LED screen.

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