WWE Raw was live last night from the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California with Shane McMahon in charge of WWE Raw for the second consecutive week. Despite the outcome we witness at Wrestlemania where Undertaker picked up the win, demolishing the chances of Shane getting the charges of WWE Raw, the fan support handed him what he was looking for. Shane picked up exactly where he left off using his motto “new stars, new opportunities” when he placed Sami Zayn in a match against AJ Styles. Kevin Owens interrupted him for giving Zayn an opportunity and not giving him a rematch for the IC title. Shane gave him what wanted but in the process, he had to go through the Swiss Superman, Cesaro on WWE Raw. (WWE Raw results courtesy wwe.com)


Cesaro def. Kevin Owens

The Swiss Superman took full advantage of the opportunity given to him by Shane McMahon, beating a back fighting Kevin Owens to become No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental title. The Prizefighter had his sights set on the heavily taped shoulder of Cesaro. He came back into the contest derailing KO with an uppercut express and reversing the Pop-up Powerbomb into the Neutralizer.


The Dudley Boyz def. The Lucha Dragons and advance in a no.1 contender determining tournament

In the opening contest of the number one contender determine tournament, the Dudleyz advanced one step closer to face the New Day, who incapacitated Kalisto and fended off a mighty effort from a solo Sin Cara with a 3D for the win. Things picked right where it was left on last week’s WWE Raw as Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady chose that moment to make an entrance and verbally clown the ECW Originals. The newcomers once again gained upper-hand showing that they are anything but “sawft.”


The League of Nations confronted WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns says he is the guy and so he came out in the ring to deal with the pressure. That pressure came in the form of League of Nations who was ready to establish themselves as the self-proclaimed face of the company and get into the way of Reigns. Now, the champ does not have a problem with the “one versus all” scenario. The Wyatt Family chose that moment to appear out of thin air and beat The League of Nations back right as they began to overwhelm The Big Dog. Shane McMahon cooled the air by setting up the main event of WWE Raw as two members of the League of Nations will take on the unlikely team of Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt.


Charlotte def. Natalya by disqualification

Charlotte mastered the way of the dirty tricks from her father Ric Flair and survived her first title defense as the WWE Women’s champion against Natalya via disqualification. Despite Phil’s challenge for Charlotte to win without “The Nature Boy’s” help, the champion relied on her daddy when she was endangered with the Sharpshooter locked in by the Queen of Harts. Flair pulled the referee out of the ring just when Charlotte tapped out of the submission hold by Natalya and in the process got her daughter disqualified to retain.


The Usos def. Heath Slater & Curtis Axel to advance in the tag team tournament

Jimmy and Jey Uso advanced one step closer to face the tag team champion the New by defeating the clowns known as the Social Outcasts. The Usos did not have a chance to celebrate their win as the rumored NJPW veterans who supposedly had a contract signed with WWE, emerged from the crowd and gave a vicious beat down to the Samoan Twins and laid waste to the two-time Tag Team of the Year with their self-dubbed “Magic Killer” maneuver.


AJ Styles def. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn had a tremendous opportunity to score an upset victory over AJ Styles and make the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match at WWE Payback into a Triple Threat. But, Styles assured that the title match at Payback will remain a one-on-one affair. In the midst of a great match, Zayn avoided the Styles Clash and lined up AJ for a Helluva Kick. Styles thwarted it and hit the phenomenal forearm to pick up the win.

Dean Ambrose transformed ‘The Highlight Reel’ into ‘The Ambrose Asylum’

Thanks to WWE Raw’s newest in-charge Shane McMahon the “The Highlight Reel” has been canceled mid-segment in favor of The Lunatic Fringe’s new freeform program, “The Ambrose Asylum.” Jericho tried to ruin it by saying that it was nothing but a payback Jericho’s interruption on Smackdown. Ambrose is clear that the show is a hit after he hit Jericho with a Dirt Deeds and looks forward to coming back next week.


Apollo Crews def. Adam Rose

Another win for the Apollo Nation on Raw, as Apollo Crews marked his second straight week out of NXT with a second consecutive Monday night victory, and this time over the Social outcast member Adam Rose. Rose momentarily took upper-hand with a small package but Apollo simply muscled his way out of the roll-up and landed the Spinning Sit-out Powerbomb to win it.


Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt def. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio

Before the start of the main event of WWE Raw, Bray Wyatt assured reigns that for one night only he can trust him. He proved himself worthy of the trust he asked Reigns to give him all the same. And so he did against the team of Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Rusev got involved on the side, the rest of the Wyatts came to the rescue and Wyatt capitalized, executing Sister Abigail on Del Rio while Reigns Speared an interfering Sheamus. The win did not wipe out the bad blood fully as they closed the show with a stare-down against each other.

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