The show started with the WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena entered the arena for the first segment of the night, the fans badly booed him. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Cena was attacked by Randy Orton and Kane during his match against Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns helped Cena to get rid of the two. The main event of the night was announced which was a six man tag team match where WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would be on one side and Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins would be on the other side.

John Cena took the mic and he started things off by saying addressing the local fans and said now when they knew what the main event was, the champ was there. The fans thoroughly booed him. Still, Cena praised the crowd and said they were ready for Raw. He said that they were six nights away from Battleground and he wanted the fans to sign up in the WWE Network , he pointed to the WWE World Heavyweight championship and said that he wanted fans to sign in into the WWE Network was because of this.

He gave the reason that in six days at Battleground the champ might not remain there. The authority put him in a fatal four way where he would square off against Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. And in a fatal four way match, the first superstar to get the pin fall or submission victory would be declared as the champion, basically, he did not have to pinned to lose the championship.

Roman Reigns came out, he came out through the crowd as he always did. The fans cheered for him. Roman Reigns entered the ring and enjoyed the crowd reaction for a while.

John Cena said since the local crowd was cheering for him, he introduced his name; Roman Reigns. Ironically, they were partners on that night, but they would face off at Sunday. Cena thanked Reigns for last week’s help. Cena said that at Sunday everybody would be for themselves and they had to make it till the Sunday. The authority screwed him before.

Reigns interrupted him. Cena said that they need to handle the authority on that night. He wanted to see if Reigns was as good as he looked. Reigns said that Cena was right, they should drive Kane and Orton out because after that, it would remain between only two of them, he also wanted to see if Cena was as good as Cena thought he was.

Dean Ambrose interrupted the two as he appeared on the backstage. He said that he did not understand all that dances that were going on between Cena and Reigns, but they were not dancing on that night, they would have a six man tag team match against Kane, Randy Orton and ‘Triple H’s little bad boy’ Seth Rollins. He said that he had a plan on that night which was ‘operation screw the authority’. It would only start they would stop arguing that got together against them.

Kane and Seth Rollins were seen standing behind Dean Ambrose. They attacked Dean, Randy Orton also came out. Dean tried to fight them but they beat him down. Dean was badly beaten by the three which left the question would he be able to make it till the six man tag team match on the main event of the show?



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