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Almost a year later, they locked horns in a championship match, Becky Lynch and Lita stood in the middle of the squared circle on WWE Raw. In a surprise set of incidents, the latter name returned to the red brand to help her former adversary against the DAMAGE CTRL leader, Bayley.

Becky vs. Bayley was the main event of Raw

As seen in the main event match of this week’s WWE Raw, a Steel Cage Match was announced to settle the ongoing differences between Becky Lynch and Bayley. The match was originally supposed to take place at Raw XXX but that was cut due to timing issues. From a storyline perspective, Lynch was attacked by Bayley and her DAMAGE CTRL buddies to cancel the match on that night.

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WWE Raw: Lita Returns To Help Becky Lynch Secure Steel Cage Match Win 1

Moving on, the one-on-one bout was rescheduled inside the Steel Cage Structure to feature in the main event of the January 6 episode of WWE Raw. Lynch came alone for this fight while Bayley was obviously accompanied by DAMAGE CTRL members as well as the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY.

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Lita saved Becky Lynch on WWE Raw from DAMAGE CTRL

Bayley hit her pendant Bayley-to-Belly suplex on The MAN towards the end of the match but she failed to get the pin to win. Bayley then tried to win by escaping the cage by climbing out but Becky stopped her from doing so. Lynch sent Bayley crashing from the side wall and wanted to escape the ring but SKY interfered and stopped her from doing so.

From outside the ring, SKY forced Becky Lynch to go back into the ring while Dakota Kai handed over a crutch to Bayley. This is when WWE Hall of Famer Lita’s music hit to send the audience present on WWE Raw into a frenzy and out she came in aid of Lynch.

Lita stopped Bayley from escaping the cage

WWE Raw: Lita Returns To Help Becky Lynch Secure Steel Cage Match Win 2

The former Women’s Champion first pulled SKY off the cage and then hit SKY using her own crutch. Then, Lita performed a Twist of Fate on SKY and before stopping Bayley from escaping the cage. Lynch took advantage of the situation and pinned Bayley with a Man-Handle Slam to emerge victorious by the end of the main event match on WWE Raw. Lynch and Lita celebrated to send the show off the air.

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