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WWE Raw Recap: Triple H , Stephanie McMahon and the Chris Jericho segment 

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena next. The footage from last week was shown again where Brie Bella was slapped by Stephanie McMahon and Brie took legal actions against as Stephanie was arrested by the police. Triple H started things off by saying that it had been quite a long time that he was with rejoicing his moments with the fans. They laughed together, they cried together, they enjoyed together, but sometimes he was disappointed with all of them. Last week he disgusted and angry more than ever, and he still was.

He said that the fans laughed at her wife when she arrested last week. They founded it funny that the mother of his children was arrested in that arena. He would never forgive them for that. He asked if they knew badly it hurt her. Everybody knew that Brie Bella antagonized her wife, it was completely understandable that her wife struck Brie Bella because she was completely asking for it.

But it was all simply misunderstandings and that was why they were there. The reality of that case was all the charges had been dropped except, the assault charge that Brie Bella put on her and brie did not want it to go. And they were there to reconcile that misunderstanding. Her wife asked Brie Bella on that night to bury the hatchet.

Stephanie McMahon started things now. She founded it really difficult to talk. Somehow she requested Brie Bella to come out. Brie did not come out but Chris Jericho did. The fans thoroughly cheered for him. He apologized for interrupting and said that he felt really bad about what happened to Stephanie last week. And then he mocked her by singing, ‘Bad boys, Bad Boys, what you gonna do when they come for you’. The fans also started singing the song.

Jericho said that it sounded great. Triple H got really angry and asked Jericho if he thought it was funny. Jericho said that he had to agree because it was pretty funny. Jericho said that they must face the reality because this was 2014 and Orange was the new black. And this was the reason that the WWE Network was created they could see her escaping the arena handcuffed over and over.

Triple H stopped Jericho and said that he was not in the mood. Jericho made fun of Triple H and asked why not he leaved arena with her wife. Why did he wait for fifteen minutes even after the end of the show. Jericho said that he though he knew the answer. Maybe he started to realize what Jericho realized ten years ago. Maybe he realized that Stephanie was nothing but a filthy, dirty, brutal, trash bag….. Triple H prevented him and ordered him to shut up.

Triple h said that he should focus less on them and focus on Bray Wyatt. Jericho said that he had been focusing on Bray Wyatt for a last number of weeks so he wanted Bray Wyatt on that ring, on that night. Triple H said that he had to wait till Summerslam. And as for tonight, Triple H paused and Seth Rollins attacked Jericho from behind. Triple H completed his word by saying he would Seth Rollins on that night.


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