The era of the Lunatic champion started just the way it was expected. WWE Raw kicked off with Dean Ambrose arriving at the arena via a cab and he almost forgot to take the title with him while running down the cab! Only Ambrose can do such lunatic things with the most coveted prize in the world of sports entertainment. Nonetheless, Ambrose entered the arena with a huge ovation from the crowd while he mentioned that he won the Money in the Bank contract last night. He almost forgot to mention that he cashed it in too, last night to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
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Now, what a difference can a week prove to be? Last week, in this ring on WWE Raw the Lunatic mentioned about the possibilities of him winning the Money in the Bank and cash it in on the same night. One week later live on Raw from Phoenix, Arizona, he stood as the new WWW World Heavyweight Champion, as promised. And, that too, by taking sweet revenge on his former Shield brethren Seth Rollins when he forced him to taste his own medicine.

Roman Reigns was the first one to come out demand his rematch for the title. Seth Rollins too did not take much time either to make his own claim. Shane McMahon provided the solution by announcing a number one contender match between Reigns and Rollins for the main event of the night.

As the Lunatic had mixed it up everything for Reigns and Rollins at Money in the Bank, “The Man” and “The Guy” had no option but to go one-on-one again on WWE Raw in a rematch. Now, the stakes are even higher as the winner will get the first chance to take on Dean Ambrose for what was ‘their’ title just a night before. The two picked up right where they left off and in the height of the contest they went outside the ring. Reigns connected with a Spear to Rollins over the Spanish commentary table leaving them both unable to answer the referee’s 10-count. With no man gaining upper-hand with the given opportunity, the champ came out to declare that he’s hardcore and he will take on them both at the next PPV Battleground to defend his title.

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