WWE Raw video: Foley and Bryan meeting ended in utter chaos

WWE Raw video: Foley and Bryan meeting ended in a chaos

WWE Raw came live tonight from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California as we are inching closer to the Summerslam PPV. Now, the blockbuster match at the PPV between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar took a whole new turn with both the featured superstars trespassing on their opponents’ shows, last week.
The Viper invaded on Raw to deliver an RKO to the beast whereas Brock Lesnar made his presence felt on the blue brand by returning the favor with an F-5 to Randy Orton. So, without further due, The WWE Raw General Manager, Mick Foley has invited the blue brand’s GM Daniel Bryan to sort things out.
With that being said, it was least expected that things would end up in a friendly manner but the rivalry between the two brands will be taken to the next level and that’s what we have got exactly. Both started off by congratulating each other for successfully running their own shows.

Foley further proceeded to convey his apologize for the fact that Brock Lesnar invaded on Smackdown Live. Bryan convinced him that he would not have to feel sorry for that because it was Randy Orton from the blue brand who fired the first shot. But, Foley did not like the way Bryan make fun of the newly announced WWE Universal Championship from Raw.

In the meantime, Rusev intercepted and said he would crush if anybody from the blue brand shows up in WWE Raw, ever again. But, unfortunately, he got to have a title defense on the night against Cesaro in the main event. With Sheamus interfering in between the match, Rusev retained his title via a brogue kick from Sheamus while the referee was taken out. But, the celebration got cut off mid-way as Roman Reigns hit him with a spear outside the ring to end WWE Raw. These two will now square off against each other for the United States Championship at Summerslam.

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