Breaking:Is Stephanie appointed as new in-charge of Smackdown?

WWE Raw video: Mr. McMahon decides who will run Raw and Smackdown

WWE Raw came live tonight from Detroit, MI. With the power struggle continuing for Smackdown’s show-runner between Shane and Stephanie McMahon for the last few weeks it was evident that the return of the chairman was just a matter of time and it took place on this week’s edition of WWE Raw.
Before the arrival of the chairman on WWE Raw, Shane and Stephanie looked intense backstage as they were discussing the issue why the boss is showing up tonight. They got interrupted by Seth Rollins who told that he has some footages regarding the Roman Reigns controversy. Stephanie allowed him to show it publicly in a talk show called “Rollins Report!”
It is since last month when the former General Managers from the past who made their demand to be put as the next-in-charge of Smackdown live starting from July 19th only to get stopped by either Shane or Stephanie. They both claimed they are going to be the commissioners for the blue brand. But, the Chairman has something else in mind. He is all about open competition.

So, he relieved his prodigal son from the duties of running WWE Raw with his sister. He appointed Stephanie as the sole runner of Raw whereas Shane was appointed as the figurehead of Smackdown. Though, that’s not all. There’s an additional twist.
Vince warns them that they have to prove in future to make their claim in the WWE Kingdom. In the process, they have to choose one General Manager for each of the show who will be in charge of the day-to-day activities for both Raw and Smackdown. So, next week they have to come up with the names who will they like to appoint as the new General Managers for WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown.