After being attacked by the Samoan Big Dog for two consecutive weeks on WWE Raw, Triple H returned to this week’s edition of WWE Raw along with a fired-up Stephanie McMahon. They demanded respect from the WWE Universe and stood ready to address The King of Kings’ imminent showdown against Roman Reigns in the main event on WrestleMania this Sunday. (WWE Raw results are courtesy

Stephanie screeched to the crowd to show them some respect they deserve and told everyone to bow down to the Game. Triple H said that The Big Dog’s two World Title reigns are nothing compared to his own obsession, which made him the 14-time World Champion and the “greatest WWE Superstar in history. The black-clad no.1 contender did interrupt them making them retreating from the ring.
Reigns afterwards received a backstage assault by the Dudley Boyz which made the happy couple of Stephanie and Triple H come down to the ring once again. This time, they wanted to remind everybody that at WrestleMania, the World Title and the power structure absolutely will not change.

But, nothing was enough to put down Reigns from making it again to the ring. A brawl instantly broke out on the ramp. This brought The League of Nations and The Dudleys to the ring, trying to pull Reigns off The King of Kings. A barrage of Superstars joined the mix after to stop them. As numerous competitors worked to make things easy, Reigns leaped over the top rope onto both Triple H and the mass of Superstars. Triple H and Stephanie retreated on WWE Raw but can they do the same at Wrestlemania?

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