Stephanie and his proud husband WWE World Heavyweight champion Triple H are in the ring on WWE Raw when Dolph Ziggler decides to cut the crap and once again trying to defy the Authority. The Show-off is not in a good book of Authority since the start and now it has gone to a certain level. Stephanie insults him saying a failure and threatens him to fire. (WWE Raw results are courtesy and

Ziggler says no matter what they say he will never quit. He couldn’t take listening to them run down the fans any longer. They love him because he is a loveable loser like everyone in them. Stephanie slaps Ziggler in the face. Though, he is lucky enough to get a devilish deal from the Authority. If he can defeat Triple H in the main event on WWE Raw later the night, he can have any match at Wrestlemania except the championship match of course.

After a tremendous match between the Game and the Show-off on WWE Raw main event, Triple H shattered Ziggler’s dreams of being in a match at Wrestlemania with his pendant move Pedigree out of nowhere. That’s when Reigns made his entrance and he gave no quarter to the man who sent him into surgery, busting The King of Kings open as he battered him about the arena.

Reigns send Triple H into the barricade over and over again. Reigns slams Triple H’s head into the announce table over and over again. Reigns strip the announce table and continues to punish Reigns throughout the arena as the crowd boos.  The beating only stopped after Reigns had broken a television across The Game’s back, and it took The Usos, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry to finally do it. The Game is on, Triple H.

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