It’s a fact that WWE has not brought back Kurt Angle just for his act as the General Manager. He is one of the greatest technical wrestlers that the company has ever seen.

Hence, it’s a fact that he will be used in some capacity in the near future. Proper use of the only one Olympic gold medalist in the pro-wrestling industry would help WWE to sell out big PPVs coming forward.

As reported earlier, he has to pass the medical tests put by the WWE medical personnel. If he gets cleared by them then there will be no bar to bringing him back to in-ring competition. Previously, on numerous occasions, the Hall of Famers stated that he does not intend to hang up his boots, anytime soon.

There are a plethora of dream matches that can possibly be arranged. Competitors like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Seth Rollins and more might be in the line waiting for him.

A reincarnation of his feud against Triple H cannot be wiped out, as well. Recently, on the Dirty Sheets podcast, the source was able to give a hint on who actually can be Kurt’s first opponent after return.

As reported by them, WWE has already started to plant the seeds for the said feud. It’s going to be none other than Seth Rollins whom he opted to keep on Monday Night Raw during the Superstar Shakeup.

The original planning was to trade AJ Styles on Raw from Smackdown. This would have ensured the dream match between Styles and Kurt Angle. But then, WWE did not intend to go forward with the move. Rather, Bray Wyatt was traded to the flagship show.

Seth Rollins was the next name who in turn was supposed to shift to Smackdown Live. But, that did not happen too since the creative wanted to keep Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins on the same brand with a possible Shield reunion in the near future.

Stephanie McMahon was the primary reason to send Rollins on the rival brand. She is expected to be back on board soon and pick up her rift with the Architect. But, the creative has put an end to the Triple H-Rollins storyline and that might not get renewed.

Instead, Kurt Angle will go forward with Stephanie’s agendas to show loyalty to the McMahons. This will make The Raw GM a heel to build up the feud against Seth Rollins. This is in store for the upcoming summer and we will have to wait until Angle gets cleared, medically.

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