This week WWE are going to telecast the first Raw episode since the superstar shakeup. A total of twelve stars from Smackdown have been traded to Raw last week.

Among them, some are going to get involved in new feuds this week, some already got involved in some feuds last week. So what to expect from this week’s Raw?

First of all, we must talk about the epic backstage assault of Braun Strowman on Roman Reigns. It is being considered as the best backstage assault in WWE history. Braun Strowman flipping the ambulance is probably the best part of the assault.

But what would be an aftermath of this assault? What might happen this week following last week’s incident? We believe Roman Reigns should not show up this week. He should be shown in the hospital in a vegetative condition. He should appear next to next week or directly at the Payback.

As we all know, Brock Lesnar will not defend his Universal championship at Payback. So, WWE should concentrate building up the feud between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. An appearance from Randy Orton at Raw would be a great boost for this feud. It should be built like, Bray Wyatt is cutting a promo and Orton makes a surprise appearance and attacks him.

The Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose, a new member of the Raw roster must get a new feud by this week. The highest possibility of Dean having a feud would be with the Miz.

Last week, Miz turned out to be the first ever Raw draft pick who was attacked and beaten down by Dean Ambrose. Both wrestlers got different opponents last week, and both of their opponents got drafted to Smackdown.

So, there is a big possibility of a feud between Dean Ambrose and the Miz. And it would be a good idea to have these two in a feud. Their feud in Smackdown was getting really interesting where they had to stop it for various reasons. So a continuation of that feud would be very interesting to see.

Another thing they must make sure is, Miz should stop teasing John Cena now. It was good as long as Miz was a part of Smackdown. But as he is on Raw now and Cena is still a part of Smackdown, there is no point of him continuing the mocking thing anymore.

Moving on to the Women’s division; one of the biggest Raw stars of the women’s division had been traded Smackdown, that is Charlotte. In place of Charlotte, Raw got Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Putting Charlotte on Smackdown is a good decision. She is done with the red side and had all the possible feuds she could. But how far Alexa Bliss’ trade is justified?

Smackdown made her a big star, can Raw do any justice with her talent? This is a big question.

Hopefully, Alexa will get a good push at Raw. The most likely angle they are about to build up right now seems like a tag team feud angle. Sasha Banks and the Raw Women’s champion Bayley on one side and Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax on the other. We would say, it would be a good idea to book such a feud.


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