Raw is doing pretty disappointing from past number weeks. It is not showing much potential for future either. Currently, Raw is so boring that you cannot even predict something good is coming because the progress clearly shows the dark picture of the future.

As the rumours suggest, Brock Lesnar will not be seen before the Great Balls of Fire pay per view event. That means there will be no world title match in the next Raw pay per view event too.

Now, what they need to do is to build the IC title as the substitute big title for the show, which they are failing to build up. But they are trying. They need to present both Miz and Dean Ambrose as the main eventers.

Dean Ambrose and Miz are scheduled to face each other on this week for the IC title. It was booked a little awkwardly but it can still be presented as a promising match. First of all, it has to be the main event of the night. And secondly, if Miz loses the match, then he has to win the title at Extreme Rules.

Braun Strowman – Roman Reigns feud is going good but too much heat on Roman is affecting the feud, badly. As they are determined not to turn Roman heel, they do not need to present Braun as the ultimate heel either. It should be a feud between two neutral wrestlers. One more thing they need to make sure is to cut Kalisto out of the feud. It is not working for them anymore.

The most interesting feud of Raw right now has to be the tag team title feud. Last week, after winning the gauntlet match, Cesaro and Sheamus looked really unstoppable. As Extreme Rules is over a month to go, it will be really difficult to keep the title match ignited till the event. So they should organise a tag team championship match immediately where Cesaro and Sheamus should win the title.

Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt’s feud had been scrapped for various reasons. But they are not booked in any proper feuds right now. We think they should give them some legit bookings by this week. Finn Balor teaming up with Gallows and Anderson would certainly bring instant glory to the show, but we know they will not do it. Let us see what they have planned for them.

Moving on to the women’s division; we think Sasha Banks – Alicia Fox feud should continue till Extreme Rules. They do not need to face each other by this week, but Alicia attacking Sasha backstage or during a match could ignite this feud a little.

They also teased a feud between Nia Jax and Mickie James. Since Mickie is back to WWE just to promote the younger generation, it will be good for Nia to have a feud with her. By beating Mickie James, Nia could cement her legacy and easily move forward for a title reign.

Next up is the women’s title feud; Bayley losing to Alexa almost every week is not a very good look for the former champion. Being a babyface, she is losing to a heel who steals her victories by cheating in almost all of her matches is not the correct booking. Bayley needs to get some victories, especially, some pin falls over Alexa before Extreme Rules else this feud is turning really lame.

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