WWE Rumor: Dean Ambrose is not supposed to be the champion for longer time

Arindam Paul / 01 July 2016

We have perhaps the greatest Money in the Bank in the history of the event with some of the most epic matches on June 19th. The crowd was on cloud nine to see their beloved Dean Ambrose winning the Money in the Bank contract. If that’s not all he cashed it in right at the end of the night to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion to send the entire crowd crazy.
Now, a report from Wrestling Observer suggests that the decision of Dean Ambrose’s cash-in on Seth Rollins was made at the very last moment. Though it might be the best decision that WWE took to please the entire WWE Universe, the latest report from cagesideseats.com will make them sour for sure.
The rumors from the report suggest that Dean Ambrose will not be the champion for a longer span of time. Next time he is scheduled to defend his title in the triple threat match against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at the main event of WWE Battleground on July 24th. It is heard that Dean Ambrose is likely to drop the title to any of his former Shield Brethren, on that night. The triple threat match is still scheduled as the main event of the night despite Roman Reigns’ suspension which is due for 30 days.

He can participate in the match, though because his suspension is active from June 21st and it will be over before the Battleground pay-per-view takes place. Though, there’s no issue with his appearance at the championship match he is being removed from all the live events that are scheduled within next 30 days.
With that being said, it is needless to say that he now will not be a part of the next Madison Square Garden live spectacular event on July 16th and will also not feature in WWE’s annual tour of Japan which is scheduled on July 1st and 2nd. But, the most interesting part is that Roman Reigns will not be on TV in the most important WWE Draft on July 19th’s WWE Smackdown. It is evident that this will decide WWE’s future and the absence of the recent cornerstone of the company can be a big issue.

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