According to the latest reports, Undertaker was approached by the WWE creative heads to be involved in the WWE Draft. But as reported earlier, Undertaker is still unmoved from the fact that he’s finished with his wrestling career. This led him to be featured in a recent list published in amongst top 10 hottest free agents in the pro-wrestling industry alongside Nikki Bella and The Rock.
Undertaker is still in contract with the company and they could have used his name anyway for the WWE Draft. But, that would have made least sense since there’s no surety of him showing up in near future.
The chairman of the board, Vince McMahon is still arguing with to make him agree for future appearances. It is a fact that a match featuring him will be a great thing for the WWE Officials which can pull up the ratings just like that. The Deadman on either Raw or Smackdown brand is still best for business.

The latest reports suggest that Undertaker somehow found himself on the same page with the WWE creative that he’s left with one and only big match in his tank for the future. If he shows up then it will only be for the much-anticipated match against John Cena. The time and place of the match are predictably going to be in Orlando, Florida, the home of Wrestlemania 33. The rumor also suggests that it is going to be the main event of the main events for Wrestlemania 33 following which the 26-year-old career of the Phenom will come to an end.
The match between John Cena and the Undertaker was originally planned for this year’s Wrestlemania which got nixed due to Cena’s shoulder injury. As a replacement, the sudden planning of bringing back Shane McMahon was done and it saw a huge success, to say the least. Undertaker was heard telling backstage people that it was his last match in WWE.

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